It's a sickness, I'm telling you..............***Reveal***

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  1. I just can't stay away from eBay, it's a sickness, I need a intervention.

    I am always on the lookout for the ones that got away - ergo, thompson, legacy - you all know what it's like. I thought I was pretty much done, but I still can't stay away. So I'm on the bay the other night looking for nothing in particular, and I find these two beauties poorly listed, different sellers ending minutes apart. If I can get one at a great price that would be great I bid on the first one and win it at half my bid :biggrin::biggrin: So what's a girl to do - bid on the other one too.............and I win that one also.

    They both arrived today both in pristine condition, I'm a happy bunny. Scored both of these beauties for less than $250 :graucho:


  2. omg i love the red one
  3. They are both beautiful and the red miranda satchel is just gorgeous, congrats!
  4. Congrat's!! Both look like they are made very well..Gorgeous:smile:
  5. Nice! Love the red; it will be great for fall. Congrats on getting such great deals!
  6. Awesome Bags!!! I really love the first one you have listed, what is the name of this bag? Both are very pretty! :smile:
  7. Those bags are gorgeous, tannedsilk!! Congrats!!
  8. I love the red one especially!

    Don't feel bad, I have the sickness too :shrugs:
  9. I love my bordeaux miranda -- I'm so happy for you and your scoring of this awesome bag for such a great price! I got mine on the bay 'bout 1 1/2-2 yrs ago, NWT, for $350--you lucky duck! I love the black carryall version of this miranda bag, too.

    Awesome scores!

    Oh, and "don't get well soon." LOL This is a sickness I hope never gets cured, myself! :hbeat:
  10. LOVE (:drool:) your Miranda!!

    I have the illness you have but in the chronic ongoing lingering variety:lol:
  11. I love this Hamptons Vintage line. The leather is amazing and the bags were made so well (I had a blue carryall). Congrats on getting great deals on both of these beauties!
  12. Thanks CC45, She's called Miranda - color bordeaux ;)

    Thank you Katev

    Cheers DQ, they really are very well made (and a little hefty too!)

    Thanks AJ, ITA the red is divine for fall - can't wait to take her for a spin.

    Thank you so much, I believe the blue one is Hamptons carryall

    Thanks VS :biggrin:

  13. ^^ YES!!! Ditto!
  14. :roflmfao: We are in trouble lady!

    Thanks Prof, looks like the illness is near epidemic proportions :biggrin:

    Thank you, looks like a few interventions are needed!

    ITA they are both so yummy - I would have been lucky to score just one! Thanks for stopping by:smile:
  15. Wow! Great deals and I love them both. Congrats!