It's a Multicolore day!!!!!!!

  1. My mom left her Black MC speedy on the table downstairs and I thought I'd share some pics of her with you guys. I got interior and exterior pics! She uses a lot of her epi bags nowadays and this is rare to see!!! Hope you enjoy!!! The bag was a mess and I could not take everything out of it :sad:

    sss 002.jpg

    sss 004.jpg

    sss 005.jpg

    sss 006.jpg

    sss 007.jpg
  2. whoa I'll take the purse AND the bills in it haha :p

    Just kidding! Amazing purse though!
  3. Matching Shoes:

    this is an old pic

    222 344.jpg
  4. lol I know she does not believe in wallets HAHAHA
  5. Love the patina
  6. great bag and gorgeous patina!!!
  7. love the cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Congrats! I love the patina, so pretty!
  9. I love how you have the "pile o cash" so prominently displayed in and next to the bag... nice :roflmfao: lolol....

    Love this bag! What kind of outfit does she wear when she carries it?
  10. Wow... nice bag and a stack of bills!!
    Great to know that LV purse lovers don't all go bankrupt to buy a purse! :p
  11. I made sure i took out the cash lol but when I opened the bag the cash was sitting like that. There was way to much in there to take everything out. She just dumps stuff from bag to bag. ANYWAYZZ, today I thinks she is wearing a juicy tracksuit.
  12. gorgeous, totally one of my favorite bags.
  13. Your Mom's gonna spank you! Boys aren't supposed to look in girl's purses! ha!
  14. whoa can i get the cash. Xp
  15. Thanks for sharing! Multicolore just looks so much better in "real" photos!