It's a Lovely Day for Speedy

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  1. This AM I woke up, looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunny day (albeit a little chilly) and decided that it would be nice to take Speedy out with me and DD today. Do you guys think about which bag to take out with you when you wake up? The pic is from when I got her in Jan (before the price increase!) BTW, is there gonna be a price increase in April?
  2. Love your Speedy! What a cutie! Which size is it? Do not know anything about any upcoming price increase unfortunately..
    Have a nice day!
  3. WHAT?! Another price increase? Man I hope not!

    Btw, love your speedy! hehe
  4. wow! LOVE the grelots on the speedy, i might have to get one for my new speedy!
  5. Yes, before going to bed at night or at least in the morning I check the weather on my Treo to see what bag I will use! I do this from October through May (rainy season). Not as often from June through September since we don't really get rain in those months.
    Enjoy your sunny speedy day! It's raining here so Damier Speedy it will be (again!!) for me today.
  6. Oooooh i cant wait to get my speedy too! Congrats,it really suits you
  7. Yes, I definitely check the weather. If it is going to downpour all day, I just throw my Accessories Pochette, cles, and wallet in my Le Sportsac bag. If it's nice, I have to make a tough decision! ;)
  8. I thought I was the only one :shame: DH thinks I'm quite bizarre. I have a whole outfit picked out the night before (with an alternate on standby in case it doesn't work out) and I then I switch out the contents of the purse to make sure I don't forget anything.
  9. You look great with the Speedy! I love the size of that one, is it a 30? I actually think about it the night before and change bags the night before!
  10. You are spot on. I just rearranged my closet and the benefit will be it will be easier to plan my daily outfits (including shoes and purse).
  11. You look great with your Speedy! Love the Grelots! :tup: Living in Vancouver, BC, I definitely check the weather for the next day - especially if I'm going to be carrying my White Fendi Spy - I check the weather report the night before! If it's a rainy day, then I carry one of three "rainy day" bags - Coach Multi-function tote in dark brown; LV Damier Ebony Speedy 25; or LV Monogram Neverfull MM. ;)
  12. Before I goto bed I have to pick out tomorrow's outfit and bag.. because if I didnt I wouldnt be able to sleep at all!
  13. Ooooh your speedy looks wonderful on you! I love your bag charm, super cute. :heart:
  14. Thank you everyone-btw its a 35-its just a tad oversize-which I love. I've had to keep it on the DL since I wasn't planning to get it until May or June. I had gotten way too much new LV at the end of 07, beginning of 08-so didn't want to get DH upset. With the looming price increase in Jan, I had to act quickly and get it; so for now I take it out when I know I won't run into him! LOL.
  15. its sunny here tooo but chilly....great day to bring yr bag out:yes: