It's a long journey from JAX to Seattle, but...(pics)

  1. new babies arrived safely today!! :yahoo:

    I apologize about my crappy photos but here goes...

    Clay Gigi!! Yes yes yes...I'm so happy she's finally mine...all you guys really enabled me when I was showing pics of my new grey scarf and I can't thank you enough! The grey is really hard to capture in these pics...first pic is in my living room and the other (weird angle) is in more natural daylight early evening...

    And...the Issy wedges! Pure impulse buy but I love 'em.

    woo hooo!
    Coach_sept07 003.jpg Coach_sept07 005.jpg coach_sept07 001.jpg
  2. Great choices! The color of the bag is excellent & I LOVE those shoes!
  3. love those wedges! i have them in the espadrille and they are so comfortable and cute...i want a signature pair also! gigi is gorgeous also!!
  4. The wedges are super comfy. I have wide feet and even after coming home from work today (in high heeled boots so feet were tired) these wedges felt amazing. That's a good sign!!

    Thanks, everyone!
  5. Congrats!! I am really starting to like this bag!! The clay will look great with black!
  6. I'm excited about the Gigi too! I'm a teeny bit bummed as it's not the newer, pale clay color that you see on It already looks a little weathered. I don't mind the weathered look but I prefer going from new to weathered under my ownership if you KWIM. Perhaps it's due to humidity in shipping or something else? I really hope I didn't buy a pre-loved bag from JAX...
  7. Loving the Clay Gigi! Each bag is a bit different sometimes, but the grey is fabulous! Enjoy her!
  8. The gigi is just an amazing bag! I've seen a couple IRL and they each do look a bit different. I think the clay color lends itself to a bit more variation than the darker color, but it is really gorgeous! Enjoy your new treasures!
  9. Wow!!!!:drool: I looooooove that GIGI...what a beautiful colour, and those shoes...oh my, good work! I'm working the courage up to the get the Gigi in Whiskey, myself!...also may need some enabling:rolleyes:
  10. congrats :tup:
  11. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Your gigi is gorgeous!! I saw them for the first time in stores today (black and whiskey only) and I'm REALLY starting to want one. I wanted to see the clay in person but it seems its a hot item and no coach so far has them around here.
  13. I got my Gigi in the mail the other day and I'm worried I might have gotten a "pre-loved"/returned bag. It hasn't even been removed from the wrapping yet and I notice some scratches and the lower part of the bag (near the bottom) looks lighter/more weathered than the rest of it. Maybe this is normal, but I'm worried. I'm thinking about asking for another one. I just don't want them to think I'm crazy or too picky.
  14. beautiful -- congrats!!!
  15. wow beautiful Gigi gorgeous.. and the wedges are TDF :yahoo: