it's a J12!!

  1. hiii all :smile:

    i recently graduated from high school this past june and my parents got me a car the year before as an early graduation gift as soon as i got my license. i wasn't expecting anything else. i move to NYC for college at the Fashion Institute in a week and today they sat me down giving me an entire lecture about my straight As and how to maintain them, how to be clean and sober, etc. then as i got up to go back to room, they went PLADOW. haha.. and gave me a present! a J12!! this is out of their character, but hey, i'm not going to complain. lol. i'm not usually too spoiled. i help pay for all my bags myself with the birthday, christmas, and other event money i save along with my part time job.

    i'm using my macbook with bad lighting at the moment so the pictures won't come out clear, but i just wanted to show you all! :drool:

    thanks for letting me share!
    Photo 54.jpg Photo 56.jpg Photo 58.jpg Photo 59.jpg
  2. Wow! Congrats!! (And you are gorgeous!)
  3. Congratulations!! it is beautiful..great watch!!
  4. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  5. That watch is growing on me...

    Beautiful! Congrats on the watch and best of luck at FIT.
    I graduated from there. You're going to have a BLAST in Manhattan.
  6. Great going away gift!!!
  7. Beautiful, congrats!
  8. Delicious! Congrats :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Enjoy your new watch!

    And good luck at school this year. ;)
  10. Beautiful! Love that J12...congrats!
  11. Eeeks! It's lovely! Your parents are too sweet! Congrats on the move to the big apple! Here's a early "WELCOME TO NYC" I'm sure you will love it here!
  12. Wow! Is that a 38mm? I'm thinking about getting one for myself. It's so gorgeous! Congrats on your graduation. :smile:
  13. Congrats! Such a great piece.
  14. omg i know two girls going to the fashion institute!!!! i'm going to NYU though LOL CHANEL SHOPPING GET TOGETHER!!!!

    gorgeous j12!!!
  15. Love That Watch!