It's a Hard-Knock Life: Kooba Annie is here!!!

  1. Here she is... my new Kooba Annie, i.e. the bag I broke my ban for (after only 2 days of being banned, LOL).

    She arrived this afternoon and I am delighted! She's even better than I remember... the leather is so soft and smooth, she wears comfortably on the shoulder or cross-body messenger style. What I'm most surprised about are the two pockets on the outside of the bag underneath the main flap: they're very roomy and so handy to put my cell phone in! I was hoping she would be a good "work" bag, but unfortunately she's not quite big enough to fit 8.5x11 papers or notebooks. In any case, I am extremely happy with her... the leather is just TDF! The strap is adjustable and there are more corseted details on the sides of the bag.

    I am so in love with this bag and after seeing her and wearing her for a day I can't understand why the Annie has always been an underdog. Maybe most people do not prefer the messenger style... Anyway, enjoy my pics!




    Annie_Front.jpg Annie_Pockets.jpg Annie_Buckle.jpg Annie_Model2.jpg
  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh shes just so sexy with her little studs and corset stitching! :smile:

    she looks awsome on you!!! :smile: im sorry to hear shes not big enough for a work bag :sad:

    but i know you love her anyway! :smile: AYAYAYAY ANNIE :smile: and i dont get why shes an underdog either i love her details, even more then the brynne the other one with the corset stitching cause it doesnt have a lot, and the strap drop places it directly up in your arm pit haha :smile:

    EIther way shes looks fabulous !!! :smile: CONGRADS!
  3. I never realized she was that big! (Annie, not you KoobaLover, LOL)

    Congrats! (those bans are really a joke:roflmfao:)
  4. What a lovely bag. You know....I never really had any inkling of interest in her until I saw your pics. I really still don't want one but your pics really sell that bag. And she looks great on you!

    Out of all the online sites, AE seems to capture pics that makes the bags more appealing. All these other sites....(Kooba, NM, BG) should get a good photographer who knows how to sell a bag.
  5. I think Annie is beautiful and I enjoy her details. I held her little sister, Kiera, at Nordstroms and liked the compact feel.

    Have fun with her.
  6. Pretty, pretty bag! I love the color too and that you can cross-body her. Definite thumbs up!
  7. What a great bag! Looks wonderful on you! It's great to see one on a real live person.
  8. ohh she's so pretty and you are totally rockin' that bag!
  9. Perfect size & the leather looks TDF-looks comfy to wear, esp. with the adjustable strap. Ya did good, she looks great on you!
  10. Ooh, I like it! Congratulations.
  11. Thanks all! I'm definitely enjoying the new bag. The messenger style is something brand new to me, but I love carrying Annie! I can already tell it's gonna be nice to take her on shopping trips so I can be hands-free to buy more stuff! LOL ;)
  12. I just bought this bag thanks to Alberta Mommy and was trying to sniff around on google to find other pics of this bag and I came across this thread. lol...

    The pics you posted are fantastic KM! Do you still have this bag? Just wondering how you feel about it now that you've had a few months to play with it. ;)
  13. I'll be getting mine soon!! I will post pics too...Yay!
  14. Hi Jade, I have since sold my Annie. I wanted the Annie to be my work bag, but it wasn't quite big enough to carry files and notebooks. I love the style, I really do, but I didn't want to carry a messenger bag for daily use. So... I sold the Annie and bought a Brynne.

    The reason I wanted a Brynne instead? The Annie is a pretty heavy bag, all of the metal on the long strap really weighs it down. And... this might sound silly, but my hair kept getting caught under the studs on the long strap. I'd lost a couple of strands of hair each time I carried the Annie.

    I still love the Annie, I just don't think it was for me. I hope you enjoy yours! I can't wait to see your pics!!!
  15. O.K. so that was going to be my question to you until I read this post. I was going to ask if you had a Brynne....I keep looking at that bag. And you really don't hear much about it, I'm having a hard time getting past the fact that I think it looks like breasts or something!!! LOL!! So I would love to see a picture when you get a chance to post! Congrats on the recent purchase!:okay: