It's a go...!

  1. Just got the go-ahead from :king: hubby (:shame: I know...but I'm a stay-at-home mom I have to confer with my partner on a purchase of this size!) I'm ordering a speedy from right after I'm finished boasting to you all! Yip-yip-eeeee! No eBay tonight! No eBay tonight! (Sung to that scene from Finding Nemo) I'm getting all watery-eyed just thinking about it. :tispy: BUT...before I do...someone on a thread (?) mentioned ordering from Hawaii Vuitton and that it generally cost less. What's up with that...did I misunderstand what she was referring to? ( the 'move forward', but still lookin' for a bargain.)
  2. i don't think you can order from one of the store and get lower prices. and i don;t think the hawaii stores ship to the us. join ******. you get like 4% back from elux purchases.
  3. woohooo! How exciting! Is this your first LV? I remember my first......:yahoo:
    I just noticed that we spell our names the same way, you don't see that often! LOL

    Enjoy your new bag when you get it!
  4. It IS my first! I haven't even done it I don't know what I'm waiting for. I'm so excited. It is not a totally common spelling for sure. I like to tell on my mother because it never fails to elicit giggles, mom didn't want 'hell' in my name, so she lost the other l. And four kids...holy crap...I have three and. am. so. very. tired. ;)
  5. well what are you waiting for? order that bag hun!! what are you getting? I know that feeling! I never thought I'd be able to buy a real lv! I mean one paycheck went to bills, then I got a good job, and suddenly I have money left over to buy what I want. I know the feeling. I'm married with two kids and I know what it means to get an approval from my hubby to get the bag of my dreams :smile:
  6. Hurry and order! I just got my speedy today from elux! came so pretty in a nice hard box :smile: you will love it, just order it!
  7. The Hawaii stores are a little less than continental us, but they won't do a charge/ship unless you have a previous history with a local LV. Use hlffin's advice and join ******.com and click the eluxury link through them. :yes: Congratulations on the new bag!!
  8.'s done. Feels good...
  9. yay!! I cant wait to see it!! Might as well order it now before the price increase!!
  10. Which Speedy will you get?? How exciting!! I got mine from eLux, loved when the box finally arrived :yahoo:
  11. THat actually was a reason. My bday is in march, so...I HAD to...right??!!:yes: :yes: :yes: And, you asked earlier...I got a mono speedy 30 (I hope that will be big enough...but don't want one too big)
  12. yay mono speedy!! you'll love it!!
  13. ohh lucky you..I was just at the LV store drooling at a speedy!! haha..congrats!!
  14. Congrats! How fun!
  15. The 30 is a very good size!

    It's not too big and not too small! I think you chose the perfect one!

    Congratulations! You will love your new LOUIS!