It's a Girl for Singer Thalía

  1. Tommy Mottola and Thalía Photo by: Shane Gritzinger / FilmMagic[​IMG]
    Thalía has welcomed her first child with her music executive husband Tommy Mottola, reports.

    Sabrina Sakaë was born Sunday morning in New York and weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz.

    "Mother, father and baby Sabrina are all healthy and very happy and will be residing at their ranch in Colorado," the singer's rep said in a statement.

    When the Mexico City-born singer's pregnancy was announced in June, a posting on her Web site read: "Her pregnancy is going well and she is healthy, very happy and full of energy, as usual."

    Asked for Mottola's opinion about expanding the family, Thalía, 35, told PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL that her husband, 58, has wanted to have kids together for years.

    "If it had been up to Tommy, I would have had children from the first day we married. I would already have three or four," she said.

    Thalía herself sees more kids in her future. She told PEOPLE recently, "I see a big family in the picture. "

    As for what's next for the new mom, she is planning to write a book "on how to look gorgeous and phenomenal and incredible during your pregnancy," she told PEOPLE. It will be the second book for the singer, who also wrote Belleza: Lessons in Lipgloss and Happiness.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. congrats to them!!
  4. Wow...8 lbs! Thalia is a tiny thing. I love the name Sabrina. I'm so happy for her! :yes:
  5. Ooooo wwww ...... I remember when she started in the group Timbiriche!!!

    There was all this rumors about her all the time about the way she used to dress, always in super bright colors, a flower on her hair, super big hair, purple, blue and pink make up, etc - oh but the worst rumor about her was that she went under the knife to have 2 ribs (one of each side) removed to look skiny!!:tdown:.... I always loved her!!! Shes beautiful and I love her songs:love:
  6. congrats!!! she's beautiful!

  7. LOL!! Me too! I was probably like 8 yrs old or so. I also remember she had this platinum blond streak in her hair forever. I didn't like her solo stuff much, but I was a huge fan of Timbiriche.
  8. yay. I cant wait to see pics of the baby. She must be beautiful like her mommy!

  9. hahahaha, me too. Huge fan of Timbiriche too. I dont believe what people said about her ribs, its just ridiculous.... remember that song "Arrasando". It mention something about it . haters.. :p. I love Thalia too :love:
  10. ^ Yeah I remember that song. I really liked the Amarillo Azul song:p I dont even remeber the song anymore, but I do remember getting DOWN everytime I hear

    SO did you guys saw that their are looking for the new Timbiriche group?.

    I personally think that There will be NO other like TIMBIRICHE like there was b4.
  11. ^^^ No way!! didnt know that. I agree with you.
  12. she is so beautiful!! i would love to read her book!
  13. And it was only yesterday that she was frolicking around with Adela Noriega in Quinceañera!

    Sunrise! Sunset! I'm getting verklempt.
    Yes, I have it carefully filed away in the "Things I Really Hope Are Not True" drawer.
  14. Oh!! I remember Adela Noriega. The only two novellas I've ever watched in my lifetime were Guadalupe (starring Noriega) and Rosalinda (starring Thalia). Thanks for the flashback ShimmaPuff! :smile:
  15. ^ LOL, remember Mari Mar? That one was my fave! There isn't any good novelas out there anymore.....