It's A Girl For Donald Trump Jr And Wife Vanessa

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    Donald Trump has a new name to answer to: Grandpa.

    Son Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa, both 29, welcomed their first child Saturday afternoon in New York City, the couple told PEOPLE.

    The 6-lb. 14-oz. girl, named Kai Madison, joins uncle Barron, The Donald's own 1-year-old son with wife Melania, among the youngest Trumps.

    "Everyone's great," Trump Jr. said in a phone call from the hospital. "Baby's great, Vanessa's great – and I'm getting used to the idea [of being a father]."

    And what's the origin of the baby girl's unusual name? "Her [maternal] grandfather," he says. "It's Danish. He's a Danish musician and we wanted to keep it as a family name."

    It was a "hectic" day at the hospital – Kai was not due for another two weeks – but the new dad, an executive in the Trump Organization, admitted the birth "is definitely a changing experience. It's very cool."

    When the couple first announced the pregnancy in November, Vanessa told PEOPLE, "Everyone's very excited," although "if you mention the 'grandpa' word [to Donald Sr.], he might not be so excited."

    Kai just might change that.

  2. Congratulation! I wish them all the best!
  3. How long have they been married ?
  4. Good news ! I'm happy for them. Hopefully the baby looks like the Mother.
  5. Wow - good for them!
  6. OMG Prada:roflmfao: Exactly!!
  7. Yeah no kidding! Hopefully no baby combover.
  8. Congrats to the Trump family.
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  10. Congrats!! Hmmm I wonder how Melania feels about being a step-grandmother so young ;)

  11. that's great, congrats to them!
  12. At least, Barron and Kai can be playmates. Although, it would be kind of weird to fight over a toy with your uncle. :p
  13. Congrats to them!! I agree, hope the baby looks like the mom.
  14. Congrats! Love babies.
  15. Meet Donald Trump's First Grandchild

    [​IMG] With a quiet disposition – and a head of hair that lives up to the family mane – Donald Trump's first grandchild, Kai Madison Trump, makes her debut in the new issue of PEOPLE.

    The daughter of Donald Trump Jr., 29, a vice president at the Trump Organization, and his wife, model-actress Vanessa, 29, was born May 12 and weighed in at 6 lbs. 14 oz.

    "The baby is really beautiful," says Trump Sr., 60. "I've never seen such hair on a baby in my entire life. Just an absolutely beautiful baby, and healthy and happy, so I'm thrilled."

    So is mom Vanessa: "She's a great little girl," she says, sitting in the family's decidedly un-Trump-like two-bedroom Manhattan apartment overlooking the Hudson River. "Everyone who sees her is amazed by the hair. She had to have it shampooed right away!"

    Unlike her 14-month-old uncle, Barron (Trump Sr.'s son with wife Melania), Kai won't be wheeled around in a gold-plated stroller. Instead, she naps in a comfortable nursery filled with hand-painted furniture and pastel colors designed by Posh Tots.

    [​IMG]Kai's birth came unexpectedly early, the couple reveals in their interview with PEOPLE. Vanessa and Donald Jr. were hosting an Operation Smile gala in Manhattan on May 11 when her water broke.

    Trumps to the end, they stuck around to schmooze and raise money for the children's charity for more than an hour ("I don't know what I was thinking!" Vanessa laughs) before making a dash to the hospital. A full 21 hours of labor later, the next generation of Trump was born.

    "I'm not sure it will ever sink in," Trump Sr. says about becoming a grandfather. So what would he like little Kai to call him? "Anything but grandpa!"