Its a crazy day on ebay today!!Foresta print all over!

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  1. Wow!! so many trenino, so many Foresta, there's a foresta mamma mia too!! My god!! its crazy on ebay today, I guess cheap listing fee today made all the difference!! lol!!

    You all should check it out!! I am selling too. haha!!

  2. i grabbed a luna for 159 bucks. now i have to sell my soul on evilbay.:death:

  3. I'm still waiting back to hear about a deal w/ a person :hrmm: no buying until I know a yes or no... ah wellz... I'm going to check eBay tomorrow since there's usually a sprinkling of auctions that aren't searchable right away because of the ebay listing onslaught :lol: I'm watching a few things tho :sweatdrop:
  4. FORESTAAAAAA~ :drool:
  5. I want that foresta BV or MM!! But I dont have an ebay account..

    I wonder how high the bids will go.. and if that ebayer is willing to sell it for a set price. *sigh*

    The more I look at foresta bags, the more I want one!! I'm getting :sad: now.. I dont even know how to work with ebay.

  6. an ebay acct, its free!! lol!! i was looking at the mm foresta too. she says its new, but I think its used. The qee is out of the package. but its still a good piece. i bought a luna last week for 200, but it was like the best placement.
  7. just because the qee is out of the bag doesnt necessarily mean its used... some store actually take out the bag like Lesportsac and Macy's ....

    I dont see the story card on it though??
  8. I am on the road as we speak on my blackberry and I can't navigate fast enough to check out the eBay forestas lol. Its 4:30 am here! Someone buy buy buy! Hee! Lol
  9. I actually was able to view them. Geeze 2 pages worth! I saw the MM and my Bambinone I'm searching for. Didn't care for the print placement. Can't imagine spending more than $150 on evil apples! Lol MM was nice tho! Long day listing for that one!
    So far I've been lucky not spending retail on most of my forestas!

  10. they take out the qee from the bag?
    i just shopped at Macys couple of weeks ago and all their qees are in a package. hm.....

  11. very tempted to buy every foresta. lol
    hm..can you ebay using blackberry?
    it must be hard huh!?!? haha
  12. well I guess not all Macy's then :S
  13. Good lord there are like 3 or 5 Treninos on there right now. That is crazy..If they are the ones from Filenes, then even if they sell at their starting bids they are making a ton on them...WIsh I had 3 or 4 more...
  14. These people who find all this foresta stuff are FAST .. if those treninos are from Filene's then dang ... these people move quick to snatch them up. It's like you post a toki siting in the forum and then within a couple of hours or whatnot all the stuff is gone from the store ...and are up on eBay :shrugs:
  15. How much were the treninos going for at filenes?
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