It's a crazy/beautiful Chanel life (pics of my fab addiction)!

  1. I've shared my Balenciaga collection on Balenciaga and now I'm here in Chanel, I've decided to share part of my ever growing divine addiction to Madame Coco with my fellow tpf lovelies! :shame:

    I've recently bought the patent metallic red long wallet (featured in the photos) and my Dad got me the grey Envelope jumbo flap bag from this F/W season. Not so recently (around 2-3 months ago), I got the black reissue in gold h/w 227. My Mom kept the Envelope flap for me (no space in my room for anymore bags! lol!) and along with some of my other chanels so I couldn't take a photo of the entire family. I will , soon! When I find the opportunity :lol:


    Good things come in BLACK BOXES... (besides red (for Cartier) and orange (hermes).. heee) :heart::heart::heart:
  2. congragulations. I dont see it ^^^^. :popcorn:
  3. Congrats!Can't wait for your pics:yes:I've also got a blk reissue with G/H recently and I'm on cloud seven lol:balloon:
  4. More photos! :wlae:

    With FLASH


    Without flash

  5. I have space in my room , I could help you out with that :rolleyes:. Congrats!!
  6. Ooooooooo...LOVE your black reissue - is that the 07A version? GORGEOUS!!! And what's the name of the colour of the lambskin flap - beige? It's TDF!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. More!!!

    Sorry I have to split them up! That sucks! :s

    Upclose shot


    Even closer shot (LOL!) :wlae:


    Hope you guys love them as much as I do!!! :love::heart::love:

  8. Ooh congrats. You've got the start to an amazing and growing Chanel collection! I love that you have some classic pieces (flaps) with some other really eyecatching ones. I love that tote!

  9. Ohhhhh. I totalllyyy get that feeling, it's like so surreal, I can't even believe it when I got my hands on it. I was like, I HAD HAD HAD TO GET IT in the boutique, totally misbehaving myself (lol!!) being overly excited as though I was buying my first Chanel!!! :wlae:

  10. Gorgeous!!....every single piece is stunning! I'm especially drooling over the 227 black reissue -- may I ask if you purchased that recently from a Chanel boutique (the 2007 version)? I didn't know the 2007 version came in the 227 size as well (thought it was only 226).
  11. Love them all! :love:

  12. THANK YOU!!! Yes! It's from 2007! Didn't manage to get the limited edition anniversary one! I PROCRASTINATED TOO MUCH when I was in Chanel Paris , so many for me to pick! But the sizes were small, I think, 225? So they were just bad at that point in time. LOL. I love biggg bagggs! :yahoo:

    It's not lambskin (praise the lord!) it's caviar, the photos don't show much of the graining, but if you look closer, it does a little. It's not beige, beige's alot darker. It's actually off white (as written on the box), cream color. I got early last year from my Mommy as my birthday present. Heeee :heart:
  13. Hi Foxycleopatra mine is a 228! and I didn't know it comes in this size as well lol!:smile:
  14. I love them all.......Congratulations!!!
  15. Thank you, sweetie!!! It's part of my collection, my mom kept the rest because my room just doesn't have enough space for any more bags! I'm hiding my bbags in my closet!!! This is maddddd..... :wtf:

    That tote is really TDF irl! I received compliments wherever I went, at first I didn't think much of it because it didn't really catch my eye, but it grew on me more and more. The brown trim actually looks more maroonish purple, people commented it looked more purple. Funnny!!! And that tote is SO ROOOMMMMYYY! And it was worth the money (before the price increase!)!!! :tup:

    I got my first Chanel (pictured in the photo) which is the Cambon bag when I was 18th LOL. I feel so old now :sweatdrop: