^^ It's a "COLOURFUL" Friday and love love love it !! ^^

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  1. Wow LuvTare that's an eye-catcher! It looks fab on you, well done!
  2. That's a gorgeous bag Luv Tare - it really suits you- such a versatile bag, well wear:biggrin:
  3. congrats! It suits you so well! I love it when you know which bag is right, doesn't happen often though!
  4. Thanks Ondrea, my friends also love it with the pink! :nuts:

    Thank you LMM.. :biggrin:
  5. Thank you, I love your new bag too! :yes:

    Oh really? Thank you mamabenny, before i tried the bag i'm so worry about the colour but it's a truely beauty.. :nuts:
  6. Yes, it's so hard to decide get the Quilted denim bag and the Grape Alexa is so beautiful too! Thank you. :biggrin:

  7. Its a beautiful bag!!!!

    I was looking at the Alexa Hobo Plum Loopy Leopard Quilted Denim, which im guessing is the same material, but on the mulberry website it says its made of Quilted Denim Leather, is it denmin with leather straps or is the bag made from leather too??? sorry just a bit confused and someone pointed me in the direction of your bag!!!!

    Hope you can help!!!!!

    The bag looks amazing on you!!!! :smile: :yahoo: