^^ It's a "COLOURFUL" Friday and love love love it !! ^^

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  1. LuvTare, you are rocking Loopy ! You look ab fab .
  2. Your Alexa is a really exciting bag! You must be thrilled with her?
  3. woohoooo!
    Amazing bag, and amazing modelling pics too :yes::tup:

    can just tell how happy you are with it, and that is such a great feeling :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! This is a bag that puts a smile on your face and brightens up gloomy days...
  5. I love this version of Lexie! Congratulations! Great modelling pics too. You wear her sooooo well :tup:
  6. That bag suits you so perfectly!!

  7. Fantastic modelling pics, Alexa really, really suits you, congrats
  8. Congrats on your new addition, it looks fab on you!

    Is is stuffed in your modelling pics? It looks like it holds it shape really well.
  9. GORGEOUS...I'm sooooooo jealous!!!
  10. Thanks Flossie, my love for Mulberry is back! :P

    LOL :lol: I think so.. :P
  11. Thank you, it's a cheerful bag.. :biggrin:

    Yes! This is the only "fun" bag i have and i love the material.. :P
  12. Thank you teddiescorner, ditzyfordaria , skyqueen & shopaholicmum.. :biggrin:
  13. Yes, I put in all my stuff before i took the modelling pics. It's really holds the shape well than the Oak Alexa i have. ;)
  14. Love love love it with the pink, makes me feel all summery still!
    Congratulations on your Loopy Lexie
  15. Oooh that's pretty! Congratulations! You look great together!!
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