^^ It's a "COLOURFUL" Friday and love love love it !! ^^

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  1. It's lovely and you look fab.
    I saw this bag yesterday in king street manchester and it is gorgeous.
  2. Congrats. You look great. It's the kind of bag that makes an outfit really special
  3. Awesome! I love the print. Looks great! Congratulations. :smile:
  4. Congrats, looks lovely on you, goes with everything !
  5. Beautiful, what a great pop of colour! Looks fab against both black and white, well prob with most things actually:biggrin: Suits your colouring very well too. It's such a great feeling when you find a bag that's just 'you' -then it's so right. Congrats on a special bag!
  6. Fabulous looking bag LuvTare! A great bag to jazz up your wardrobe! Congratulations.
  7. Congratulations, so after the initial hesitation you just knew which bag was for you anyway:biggrin:. Great pop of colour and suits you very well!
  8. that looks lovely! i've yet to see this instore. it looks great on you. congrats!
  9. Fantastic bag and looks great on you!!!
  10. Oh wow! It looks great on you! You are right, it will go well with any colour I think. Looks lovely with all your model outfits. Congrats and thank goodnesss it is Friday cos now you can rock it all weekend long. Congrats! xx
  11. Looks gorgeous on you_ congratulations!
  12. Thanks for your compliments and I really love it more than my Oak Alexa..

    Today I've debut it and it's so soft touch, the quilted denim make the bag feel so "solid"..
    It's different with the Oak soft buffalo leather, I think maybe due to the bottom leather, leather triming and quilted denim material.
    It's don't have that slouchy look yet not so structure.. :tup:

  13. Too bad, I can't send "her" to you.. :nogood:
    The Loopy Leo Alexa just told me that "she" prefer stay with my boring plain clothes.. LOL :lol: :P
  14. #29 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    Let's share with you all, I've visit the store of Peanuts 60 Years World Tour...

    Here's some photo and the "Limited Snoopy Bayswater"..
    Too bad it's belong to another Snoopy Collector, it's only 40pcs Snoopy Bayswater in the world and my country received 5 pieces only.. :nuts:


  15. WOW!!! The Loopy Leopard Alexa looks absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!
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