It's a Code (Burnt) Orange! Help Me, Belenistas!

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  1. Hi peeps! I just contacted Rose about pre-ordering a burnt orange Hold Me (medium/regular size) or Hug Me with gold hardware, and she fortunately answered that it is still possible! :yahoo: I sold my RM tangerine bag a while ago, and since then have been dying for a bag in a similar color but with simpler hardware.

    I would like to contact her late tonight or early tomorrow (US time) with my final decision on which bag, but have a few questions for you all. (Pardon my ignorance in advance).

    1. Are the prices quoted on the BE website for the regular/medium Hugs? If so, a 20% deposit would be roughly $100 USD, right? (My math stinks).

    2. About how long does it generally take for a pre-order to finish? (I remember on the line sheets it said that the bags would start coming in mid-January, but I can't fathom mine coming that how long does it typically take?)

    3. Can any of you enlighten me as to which changes have been made in the Hold Me (if any) lately?

    4. Which of the two bags do you personally recommend? (My requirements: a bag that lends a pop of color...and I wear orange year around, btw; a durable leather; a bag in which I can tote all of my everyday necessities).

    (I have been looking for info. about all of these questions here, but without any luck). :heart: Thanks in advance!!! :heart:
  2. The Hug me on the site is regular, or "small." Medium and Large Hug mes are bigger. I have a reg and a medium, so that's one question I can answer.

    They changed the hold me so that you can put a messenger strap on it. uh, I'll dig up a link....

    A while back there was some interest in a burnt orange hold me group bespoke thang....maybe you might want to revive that??

    I love the idea of burnt orange in the hold me for a pop of color. I hadn't thought about it in the hug me, but that sounds pretty awesome and probably fairly rare.

    Did you get a swatch, by the way?
  3. Loquita,

    That burnt orange hold me sounds nice! That is really tempting. :nuts: Are you getting that in a bespoke? I swore that I wouldn't buy any bags unless they were on sale but burnt orange sounds divine. I may have to break my ban! I better run to the mindful thread or cover my eyes!
  4. Burnt orange? That will be interesting to see. I too sold a RM MAM in Tangerine. It just wasn't my thing. I didn't like the squeaky hardware too. Hmmmm...

    20% of $650 would be $130. I am not privy to how long a bespoke takes. My last one happened quickly because someone changed her mind.

    The only change I noticed in the Hold Me is that there is now a messenger strap that comes with it.

    Hmmm that's a hard one. I have a Hold Me but not a Hug Me. I use my Hold Me but not all the time. It just seems bulky to me since I tend to stuff my handbags. I can envision a super cute Hug Me.
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    I didn't realise you could order any style in the new spring colours. For some reason I thought it was just the styles and colours offered in the line sheets.

    That could have influenced my ordering decisions!!

    I've got the Hold Me and Hug Me (regular size, read small) and they are both very nice understated styles. I think they would both look fantastic in burnt orange.

    Like Mayajuliana said, it depends on how much you put in your bags. The Hold Me is a beautiful shape but it is very much a more casual bag. IMO Hug Me is more grown up looking. Just depends on what you want to use it for.

    I'm not entirely convinced about the messenger strap on the Hold Me. Mine doesn't have one but I reckon the base would make the bag stick out too much next to the body. It is a bonus having that option though, you don't have to attach the straps if it doesn't work for you.

    Good luck with the decision!
  6. morebags, I think you had to stick with the styles an dcolors in order to get the discount, or the bespoke fee waived or something?? I'm a little hazy at this point.
  7. Oooh...a burnt orange Hug Me would be FAB!!!!!!! Mine are both regular size and plenty big for all the stuff I schlep around every day.
  8. All deposits for bags are $180 - just use the provided link on the site to place it. It just works out to roughly 20-30% of the total bag cost.

    I think a burnt orange hug me sounds so cute.
  9. :confused1: --> :idea:
    Lightbulb moment.... that makes sense then.
  10. I kind of like the idea of the Hold Me but I'm biased because I love that style. I just think the burnt orange Hold Me would look unique and like a fun classy tote.
  11. Okay, I really appreciate your input, everyone! I am going to keep mulling this over but at the moment I am heavily leaning towards the Hug Me, since from the descriptions everyone has given and the pics that seems like it will work more for me. The Hold Me is fantastic for a spring/summer bag in my mind, largely because of the fact that the fuchsia lining is so visible in it...and since I want more of a year round bag, I think the lining rules that out.

    Still thinking...I just wonder how long a bespoke takes! (For budgeting purposes).

    You.All.Rock!!!!! Thank you!!! :hugs:
  12. I have a choco matte Hold Me, and it is a fantastic bag. I think the color will determine how casual/dressy this particular style can be (IMO). The choco matte is gorgeous and rich, and I wouldn't have an issue carrying this for a work-related meeting. I think it would be really fun in the orange but maybe more casual. I also think this would be great in the Hug Me--that style works so well with a pop of color.

    I'm not helping much, am I?
  13. ^You are very helpful, in fact!!

    That's it: a Burnt Orange Hold Me it is!!! :yahoo:

    And since I already have a BE with silver HW, I will go with (go for?!?) the gold this time (I like the gold and orange combo, anyway).

    Thanks so much, everyone!!
  14. Are you gonna organize a group bespoke order then?!!! :nuts: