It's A Coachy Week After All!!!

  1. In addition to the Outlet presents from my Mom I got the new accessories I ordered last week!! I think I'm going to bring back the heritage stripe but I'm not sure. But they are ADORABLE!!!:heart:
    New Charms and Accessories 012.jpg New Charms and Accessories3 001.jpg New Charms and Accessories4 003.jpg New Charms and Accessories 005.jpg
  2. and the rest!!
    New Charms and Accessories 043.jpg New Charms and Accessories 041.jpg New Charms and Accessories 040.jpg New Charms and Accessories 032.jpg
  3. Ohh. I am so dying to buy a coin purse and yours are just adorable. Maybe with my PCE card. And those charms they are just adorable, aww I want that pink heart.
  4. Those coin purses are just way too cute. Very nice!!!
  5. Thank You!!
  6. may I ask how much the yello coin purse was? I saw it on the Japan site but did not know you could order it here. I assume you got it from JAX? I love it! I wonder if it comes in any other colors though?
  7. great stuff!!
  8. They yellow one is a Legacy! I think they were $98. All of the coin purses are 4.5 x 5". It came in Tan and maybe another color but the SA from JAX said she could only possibly get the citron.
  9. item number? I guess you got it from JAX then, excellent!
  10. wow lot's of cute little accessories.. congrats! :tup:
  11. I'm sorry: It's a Legacy not a Bleecker. The item number is 41009 Citron. Oh...and the leather is soooo gorgeous!!!:heart:
  12. Great stuff, Deborah! I love the charms and tattersall coin purse! Why are you thinking of returning the heritage coin purse?
  13. Hi, Deborah,

    I checked the Coach website for the world charm. Where in the world did you find it? It's adorable!
  14. I love all your goodies! The Legacy coin purse is TDF!
  15. I'm not really sure if I'll return it yet. But I know that I can't keep them all. I think I'll wait until boutique PCE to make a decision. Oh I just hate making decisions like this!!