It's A Cinch

  1. hello all,
    i've got a slight dilemma. i purchased a skinny CDC belt last year (with tax it cost around $1200 US) Marron Fonce box leather w/ Gold Hardware.:heart: it is GORGEOUS. the perfect waist belt. Well, now it's too big on me.:crybaby: I know it's not the worst problem to have but i'm really upset about it. I can't even think of another combo I'd want to get again in a smaller size that is worth $1200 again. can Hermes adjust the size for me on this perfect waist belt or am i destined to buy another one in several sizes smaller?? (i'd probably keep this larger one and wear it as a hip belt). actually, the one skinny CDC belt i would buy without feeling like i was being redundant would be black croc or marron fonce croc.:graucho: maybe this time with palladium hardware. anyone know the price on those?
  2. Model pics please... I would love to see this belt!
  3. I am pretty sure that they can shorten it for you. A visit to Manuela or even a call could answer this quickly. Fingers crossed for you to get THIS one shortened so you don't have to not only fork out more cash but then hunt down a do-able combo which is more work than saving the money up sometimes.
  4. correct, gazoo. i'll call right now.
  5. they are closed. forget it's sunday. ah well. i'll call tomorrow. in the meantime, let's speculate. basically, i want to believe they can cut the belt for me but i examined my belt yesterday and couldnt for the life of me figure out how they could do it. the Constance belt is easy, M has already added several holes to it. but CDC ?
  6. ^^^They can cut down some belts, this, unfortunately, is not one of them.
  7. oh oh oh i am so sad hg. :crybaby::crybaby:
    that means i'll either have to sell it or i'll keep it as a hip belt and then search again for the same belt in a smaller size and spend $$$ all over again. ohhhh sad sad news.
  8. Double SH*T! This is a painful thing. Well at least your waist is tinier! Here's to fun new clothes....

    Keep us posted Croissant and maybe someone will spot what your new needs are in a fabby new belt with a smaller length.
  9. The good news, Croissant, is that the belt should do well in the resell market now, better than it has in the past.
  10. Dear Ms. C:

    Don't be SO UPSET because I think you might have a WONDERFUL excuse to buy a new wardrobe.....

    WISH I can loose some wt....

    Just curious, any diet FORMULA to share?!

    Maybe you can see if you can also get some good deal on the H RTW sale next month?!
  11. thanks morgan! i did not know H was having a rtw sale. that sounds promising. i'll have to drop by and enquire.
    its not so great to find out your number one love of a belt is now in limbo. its not quite loose enough yet to fit on my hips but not tight enough to wear as a waist belt. :sad:
    anyway, i basically just don't eat bread. i dont miss it at all.
  12. thanks gazoo for the positive thinking. hg i dont really want to sell it. im going to wait until it can be used as a hip belt and in the meantime concentrate on finding the same style in a different colour or hardware or skin in a small waist belt.
  13. with a plain white waist-less sundress it would maybe work, creating a high drop waist, just loose enough to create a nicely bloused effect... maybe.
  14. I would not let go of it...find other ways you can wear it unless you need the money. One day it may just fit back the way it once did...(don't be mad at me LOL)
  15. kellybag thats a terrible thing to say! haha :smile:
    i tried that on saturday, hh. i wore a loose Chloe top and wore the belt low on the waist. it didnt look bad it just didnt really look the way i wanted it to. i like casual hip belts or tight waist belts. limbo belts suck :sad:
    if the belt were a more supple leather like Clemence, i would try tying it.