It's a (Cho)pardyyy! :p

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  1. #1 Oct 22, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
    Hi ladies! :smile: Well, what a whirlwind, sparkly weekend I had!! :nuts: I was fortunate enough to hit up the Chopard sample sale... and thanks to the world's greatest mom (who likely feels sad seeing me so down and out after a horrific breakup :crybaby:), what I can only describe as my dream "Can't believe they are actually mine" pieces became, well, mine!! :cloud9: Strange to have such sparkle in such sad times, but hell, I'll take it!! :P Sorry for the crappy iphone pics... they prob deserve a far better showing, haha. Thanks so much for letting me share! :flowers:

    My new everyday white gold pendant necklace that I simply adore! It's so dainty (but not too small) and very "me!"


    Aaaand this ring... phew! :girlsigh: Not really an everyday ring, but at least looking at it everyday will bring me a lil joy!


    After the above amazingness, didn't believe these would happen! :faint: Debated between this pair of earrings and another less sparkly pair for a bit before I realized I was being silly... when in doubt, get the sparklier pair, haha. :P They were priced similarly (same price, actually), and this pair was also a better value for the product. There was also a heart pair that was pretty, but I realized the round is more classic and I'm not so young at 30 anymore! :sweatdrop:

    This last item is more of a share item, but I'm sure I'll get to wear it a lot!! Happy Sport watch with floating fishies (very whimsical) and a diamond bezel. I tend to prefer metal straps, but the cream strap is actually cute (and compliments the dial/markers). Put it next to my everyday Happy Sport watch (which always makes me giddy)!

  2. OOOOOH!! Love your new pieces Minal!!!
  3. These are all very pretty! :smile: congratulations! Sorry to hear about your breakup; I'm sure you deserve better. Enjoy these lovely pieces!

    Now I wish we have these kind of sample sales north of the border!
  4. Thanks so much, Swanky!! :flowers: I don't really own branded jewelry (family is in the jewelry business in India and most things we get that way), but Chopard is just so pretty, haha. :P

    Thanks so much!! :heart: That's kind of you to say... I do and will see it that way soon. Everything happens for a reason, I suppose. :sad: I don't think this is a common sale at all... but I sure hope it'll become an annual thing (and maybe worth a trip down for you)! :P
  5. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Gorgeous pieces!! Congrats!
  6. Stunning pieces!!! :smile:
  7. gorgeous!!! hope these beautiful new pieces cheer you up and remind you your mom loves you to bits!
  8. Wow! Everything's beautiful! Sorry to hear about your break-up, but i also believe that everything happens for a reason. And what a way to distract you! Enjoy your new beautiful pieces!
    BTW, where is this sample sale? Too bad we don't have it here in Canada...or at least I've never heard of them. Love love love the floating diamonds of Chopard!
  9. Fabulous pieces! I hope they cheer you up and congrats!
  10. great pieces! i love the pendant!! dainty yet great statement!
  11. Long time no see :biggrin: I'm very sorry to hear about your breakup but omg what a beautiful loot you have there. I really love the necklace on you, like you said, it is the perfect size! Major congratulations on your gorgeous new beauties! :heart::heart:
  12. Thanks so much!! :flowers: :heart:

    Thank you!! :flowers:

    Thank you so much!! :flowers: I'm happy to have them, but far happier to have her. :smile:

    Thanks so much! :flowers: I guess time and the perspective that comes with the passage of it will do me good... and I have to try believe that everything happens for a reason... very hard to do at times though. :sad:

    So, the sale was done through Soiffer Haskin... lots of sale happen in their space (although Chopard isn't common at all)... the next one is YSL starting tomm through Thursday!

    I know what you mean!! :nuts: The floating diamonds are just spectacular!! :cloud9:

    Thank you so much!! :heart:

    Thanks so much!! :flowers: That's how I see it, too... dainty, but still statement making! :smile:

    Hey!! :smile: Aww, thanks... I appreciate that. :heart: I haven't taken the necklace off, haha... I don't think I will! I just love it! :love: Thanks so much!! :flowers:
  13. MINAL! I have missed you so much! Still wearing your Chanel's?

    The new pieces look gorgeous on you. I love these happy diamonds. :smile:
  14. Oh my G! I wish I live in NYC and will wait in line to get my hands on your precious! I especially love your earrings!:greengrin:

    There is always sunshine after the rain. Or in your case, DIAMONDS and BLINGS! :hugs:
  15. That's beautifully..