It's a Buyers Market for Louis Vuitton on Ebay *Shocked*

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  1. I was just doing some research of completed auctions on eBay...and stumbled across some Mirage speedys....from MPRS sellers (which you usually have to pay a bit higher price to buy from) that are selling for several hundred dollars LESS than retail..>WTF?????

    I knew times were bad on eBay for sellers...but didn't know it was this bad!!!

    As a buyer...this is an awesome time!!!

    But as a seller, makes me throw my last LV bag back in its dustbag and hold out for better times (or a price increase LOL)!

    What do you all think? Anyone selling LV on eBay right now and being hit?

    ***Mods: I *think* this is better here because it is specific to LV only***
  2. I am having a HORRIBLE time selling anything (LV's).... took a huge hit on a BH. Could not sell my Amfar 3 and it was the only one listed for two weeks and in MINT condition. You can forget the Epi Noe, it would sell for 150.00 at best and also, looks great. My America's Cup LV that is also mint wouldn't sell if I included a bar of gold with it.

    So, I advise anyone... if you are buying, now is the time to do it!
  3. I was a watching a mirage speedy that was £100 under retail it didn't sell maybe it's because you can still find them in stores but it's unusual for MPRS to take the hit they'd usually just hold the price until it sold
  4. I think it's a general indicator of the economy, and the fact that Christmas is coming; I think people are prioritizing their purchases.

  5. Agree. Sellers' nightmares, buyers' market..
  6. I wish I had the extra $$....I'd be snapping up bags to resell for later on LOL

    I think what shocks me the most is that LV is typically pretty good about holding resale...even older bags you can get back upwards of 60-70% of retail...and newer LE bags usually sell at or above retail!

    So it's kind of scary!
  7. I completely agree with you. I'm going to hold off selling any LV until it picks up for sellers.
  8. I agree that it is kind of scary. For other reasons, too - I bought my Noir Mirage Musette for less than retail, which almost made me doubt its authenticity! But of course I knew the bag, knew the seller, and knew the minute that I got it that it was totally authentic.

    Now is definitely the time to buy if you can, and not the time to sell if you can hold on. I feel like we are discussing the stock market!
  9. I've noticed that as well. And have been waiting patiently for a mini damier pochette.

  10. Hmm.. Got me thinking about reselling.. He he he..

    Not only scary to me but is heart wrenching too..
  11. Yay !! I wanted to buy a bag from ebay
  12. I just sold a Damier Geant messager (paid 1200) and only got 700, and my Monogram Carryall won't budge at 400 below retail!
  13. Well knock yourself out.... now is an awesome time to buy buy buy... just got a lockit in great cond for very low.
  14. its a great time to buy! if only i have money! i spend too much on chanel trying the beat their price increase!!!!