It's a Brighton Blue Kind of Day!!!!

  1. some of you may know that last week I made the 'error' of mentioning to the SA by phone that DOWN THE ROAD if she came across a brighton blue bolide in 31....I would love one...and as you might guess, she replied with "oh my I have one right now!" -- and me, unable to deny myself anything...said SEND IT!!!! I was actually going to get the bearn in that color to *hold me over* but alas, it wasn't meant to be and today received the gorgeous bag! It's in chevre with ph....and I :heart: it! Although I must admit, PHH came home early with a sore back and was here when fed ex came and wasn't quite thrilled with the idea and suggests I sell bags FIRST and then buy a new one (:shrugs: )....good idea....

    So the pic isn't great because the sun's going down but it's really a great color - not bright at all but I am a total blue girl and this is PERFECTION!!!:love:

    Brighton bolide 002.jpg
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love it!!!! Congratulations!!
  3. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    What more is there to say? :smile:
  4. Wow, Shoes, fabulous.....both the the Bolide and you.
  5. I could do without the double chin in the shot lol!! Thank you - I can't wait for dh to leave so I can admire it in all my glory lol! Rose your dd is adorable!!!
  6. Shoes! I totally missed the whole Brighton Blue bolide thread last week! CONGRATS! It's absolutely gorgeous; I finally saw Brighton Blue IRL last week and think it's beautiful and very understated. Ack, all these Bolides have me pining away for a 31cm in Chevre and a 37cm in Clemence/Togo!
  7. i love it.. it is gorgeous...... wow!!! congrats..
  8. Shoes - SHE IS FABULOUS!!! and you LOOK GORGEOUS WITH HER. Congratulations!:yahoo:

    Isn't it always so, when you don't want DH to be home, you get a package in the mail?:confused1:
  9. Shoes - this bag is GORGEOUS!!! Did you get it from the Boston store??

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. Go for one or two Orchids!!! Thank you all...FRR this actually came from the boutique at NM in Troy, Michigan! Thanks to shopmom originally hooking me up with the SA by phone it's where I also purchased my rouge h plume...I think I might just be earning a plane this year instead of free jeans like last year lol!!! Yikes...
  11. ^ Lol!!!
  12. omgd, i'm in heaven. brighton blue is SOOOOOOO amazing. please, a close up of this bag. i must see it. i just spent ... awhile... :shame: searching through the reference thread looking for bolide pics for my fix, and then i come back to this!!! total jack pot!
    gorgeous and MAJOR congratulations. such a beautiful perfect bag!!!!!!!
  13. Shoes, what fun to start off the new year with your color!!! Sick DHs never want to see new purchases, bad luck on that one:sad: Wear it with much happiness! Happy 2007:smile:
  14. I LOVE IT! Congratulations, shoes! What a great bag and great choice. I hope you enjoy it for years to come!
  15. The Bolide looks great on you!!! This brighton blue is really growing on me and I'm not much of a blue bag person.

    How would you compare the shade to royal blue ostrich? Is it a bit similar?