It's a bright, bright, Turquoisy day.....

  1. Well, I had to see this color for myself and she is a beauty!!.....Introducing, my 2005 Dark Turquoise day. It sure is brighter than I expected!! :nuts: She came to me in as close to mint condition as I think possible.


    2005 Turquoise Day 001.jpg 2005 Turquoise Day 002.jpg
  2. She is gorgeous. Congratulations!
  3. Wow....great find. Congrats!!
  4. Congratulations! What a gorgeous Day!
  5. Beautiful colour!
  6. Holy Crapety, you're on a roll, girl!!! Another gorgy baggy!!!!!

    Now you've got another bag to pack your stuff into, when you get evicted from your house!:graucho:

    But hey, those 3 baggies are totally worth it.....:drool:

    BTW, may I join you in your shelter, when you find one, once I get kicked out of my apt as well??
  7. Whow such a pretty color and the bag seems to be in the most wonderful condition. Congrats!!!
  8. For sure Tooshies, but, only if we can share bags!! :graucho:
  9. G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S!!!:love: Congratulations, Purse-Oooooh!!:tender::heart:
  10. I really love the color! Looks like a brand new one! Congrats!!!
  11. one day I'd like to see a turquoise 05 in real life myself!

    CONGRATS on one gorgeous day!!!
  12. Oh, no!!! But my Bbags are all I'll have to keep myself out of the cold!:p


    ....OK, if you insist, ONLY if you let me use your Turq as my pillow sometimes......:rolleyes:
  13. wow, gorgeous :nuts:!!!!!!!!!
  14. LUCKY girl!!! It's beautiful!
  15. Don't tempt me to add another one to my list! She's SOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! :love: