It's a Boy!!! SO Excited...kind of...

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  1. So I found out it's a boy. I did want a boy very much but after finding out I was still a teensy bit disappointed because I saw all these cute girl clothes. But I still love my boy anyway...there are still lots of cute boys things.

  2. You won't feel that way once he is here!
  3. There are tons of cute boy things! I especially love the hats. Congrats on your son.
  4. congrats! I found out I am having one this week also
  5. Congrats! I find clothes for boys pretty cute too, so I'm sure everything will work out ;)
  6. Thanks. I cant wait until the fall stuff comes out to find him some super cute stuff
  7. Congrats!!!
  8. Congrats!!! And no worries - there are a TON of cute baby boy clothes and shoes! I always get compliments on our DS's outfits and how cute he looks in them :biggrin:
  9. Congrats on your little prince!!!!! Boys are so great and actually, i've noticed as of lately there are tons of really adorable clothes out there for little guys.....Sure there are really great things for girls but think of it this way: you wont go bankrupt!!! lol
  10. Congrats!!!! So happy for you! I hope I can find out next week too! :smile:
  11. oh Congratulations... J&J do gorgeous boys lines!! Little boys love their mama's!
  12. I felt the same way! I get a little sad when I go into the store and find all these cute girl stuff. But there are some cute boy stuff too :biggrin:

  13. You will just fall in love with your little man! And Janie and Jack has the CUTEST boy stuff!
  14. What a blessing!
  15. CONGRATS!!
    I have a 17 month old boy after raising 2 girls.....and yes,the clothing shopping for boys ISNT as fun...BUT.....
    The cuddles u will get in return are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more amazing!Biys r like the biggest cuddlebugs to their mommas!Im so in love with my guy!....cant even begin to tell u how amazing boys r!U will LOVE IT!