It’s A Boy For Christina!!!

  1. It’s a boy!
    Christina Aguilera will give birth to a baby boy later this year, OK! magazine reports.
    The pregnant pop star has been shopping for gender-specific gifts, one of her close pals reveals: “They’re all boy-themed, all blue.”
    Christina still has not confirmed her pregnancy to the public but Emmys Awards exec. producer Ken Ehrlic did let it slip: “We’re sensitive to the pregnancy.”
    The Sunday before last, Paris Hilton called Christina “the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world” at a pre-VMA party hosted by the mom-to-be.

  2. I think it's too funny that she hasn't "confirmed" her pregnancy yet she's walking around with an obviously pregnant belly.
  3. So cute!
  4. I think's it's cute she doesn't want all the publicity about her pregnancy, but she knows EVERYONE knows.
  5. I seriously doubt it. She hasn't confirmed her pregnancy, but OK! knows what she's having? Sorry, not buying it.
  6. I agree its a rumor...How the hell do they know.:rolleyes:
  7. Well, if she is seen out & about buying gender specific baby items she is having a boy or she has a babyshower(s) to attend. I bet it's true. Personally I dont see the point in not confirming she is preggers, but then again at this point everyone already knows. She denied being pregnant early on remember back in February when she spent upwards of $3,000 at a baby boutique in Los Angeles? She was quick to squash those "Rumors"
  8. i actually really like that she's not talking about it, because really, what is right do any of us have to know? i prefer it when celebs don't whore all their life events out as media opportunities.
  9. totally agree.

    nonetheless, every single other rumor I've read is that she's having a girl, and has been spotted buying girly stuff left and right.
  10. I agree. I don't think she walks around thinking that it's a secret. She just doesn't confirm it so she's not bound to being asked about it. It's her way of keeping a little privacy.

    Nonetheless I'm happy for them!
  11. While it's obvious she's pregnant I don't believe rumors of boy/girl quite yet. When a women is pregnant she often befriends other new moms through the OBGYN office, Lamaze classes etc and I suspect she has a couple of baby showers to attend before she gives birth.

    Also, with all her money she can easily afford to shop for BOTH a boy and a girl and be surprised at birth. She could simply donate all the unused stuff to a charity.
  12. I think she looks great.
    I'm just she just wants to enjoy this time privately :smile: dont blame her.
  13. lol I just don't see the point in denying the pregnancy. I mean...whether she denies it or not she doesn't have to talk about if she doesn't want to.

    I just think it's a little silly.
  14. Is she denying it? She just doesn't speak about it which I think is pretty cool
  15. I think it is kind of weird that she doesn't confirm... then again, I'm not famous and there are A LOT of crazy people out there...