Its A Boy !!!! Augustin James Evangelista !

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    Linda Evangelista has welcomed her first child – a boy, the supermodel's agent, Didier Fernandez, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

    Augustin James Evangelista was born on Wednesday in New York City.

    Evangelista, 41, told the Associated Press in July that she wasn't worried about the effects of pregnancy on her supermodel figure. "I'm not freaked out at all," she said. "I embrace it. I believe I'm doing everything to go through this as smoothly as possible. I'm either doing yoga or exercising every day."

    The Canada-born catwalker also said she wouldn't make a "comeback" after giving birth, because she's not going anywhere to begin with. "I decided when I was 12 that (modeling) is what I wanted to do," she said. "I know how to be a good model. And I didn't have a Plan B in place."
  2. I love her!
    Yay, good for Linda & good for that little baby.
  3. Ha...I post this news on my forum lol already. Anyways, I'm happy for you Linda ;) ;) ;) keep the baby healthy now ! and be safe !
  4. Who knows...I think her son might be a fashion model just like his mommy Linda :love:
  5. I'm happy for her. I like baby's name, Augustin, so lovely.
  6. Linda is gorgeous...her son must be a cutie pie.
  7. happy 4 her ... but any info about the father?
  8. OOPS!
    i opened both Chloe and Prada's thread at the same time and thought I posted this: "i didn't even know she was pregnant [​IMG]

    congrats to her!"

    in Chloe's thread. *sigh* I've had a long day.
  9. I love her! health and happiness to the family
  10. A happy day for her!
  11. Congrats to Linda!! I've been the hugest fan of hers forever...what a stunner.
  12. happy for her! she looks so good! congrats to her and her family!
  13. Congrats to her!