It's a BLANC Chloe Edith!!!

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  1. That's very cute! Does anyone know the correct dimensions? The dimensions listed sounds like it's the large Edith. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. i think it's a smaller one than the satchel
  3. Pictures Lainee! Pictures!! (preferably of you modelling them hehee)
    Looks adorable!
  4. adorable, and AWESOME price...congrats!!!! :dothewave:
  5. Sounds great! Congrats! I would love to see pics. Those NM pics are deceiving.
  6. I know exactly what you mean about NM pics....aren't they terrible? Usually only 1 photo - and for the most part, the color isn't even close to the real thing. But hey - that's another subject matter. Go to and look at their Chloe inventory - they had a small one like this w/multiple views. It's not as wide as the classic satchel, but it's deeper and the shape is more of a box. Take a look-see, hopefully it's still there. Yes.....real photos would be welcomed by all:yes: and so glad that you're happy with your Blanc Edith.

    Okay, I won't be lazy...just went to the Overstock site and here's the dimensions they listed:
    11.5 L
    7.5 W
    7.5 D
    Those listed on NM are wrong....I think that's the dimension for the satchel - and it's the dimensions they stated on the Red Edith that was listed a few days ago which is more in keeping w/the style.
    NM needs to get their act together.

    Hope this helps.
  7. Hi everyone - I looked at the Overstock Edith and it's NOT the same color as this "blanc" one! I'll post pics when I can...
  8. Thanks dcblam! Not sure if that size is too small for me. Laineegirl, when you get the bag, let us know what you think and whether it's still roomy even though it's only 11.5 x 7.5. thanks!!
  9. This is the adorable "Loaf" style which is my fave Edith. I have the tan one. If you search on the forum someone had modeling pics. This is quite roomy,sort of like a LV Speedy. GREAT price.
  10. Yes, great price...but now it's gone.
    Bookmark....and maybe it will pop up again with a return? Who knows.
  11. Well, the Ediths didn't work out for me :sad:so they ALL went back! I actually took them back to my closest NM (to avoid shipping). So if you want a Blanc Edith small satchel - call the NM in King of Prussia, PA!
  12. i actually ordered this one and then returned it - the leather felt too tough and stiff for me, and i felt like i would be cutting my fingers/arms by using it. does anyone know if the leather softens with time?
  13. Good question! I wondered this too. I know I've read that other Edith owners have enjoyed "soft" leather but this one wasn't that way at all. It was smooth, but like bluegenes said, it was tough and stiff.