It's a Beautiful DAY in the Neighborhood...

  1. Just received my Vert Fonce/Dark Olive Day from BalNY...and she's a beauty!!! :yahoo:


    The color is very hard to capture; it's a very rich, saturated olive brown. And the leather...smooth, not veiny and very soft!
  2. Love the day style! Love the color! Love the leather! Love it all! :tup:
  3. Wow, that is a really gorgeous color and probably the best pic of VF I've ever seen!! I am totally :drool::drool::drool:!!
  4. Thanks, Peachy and C.O.! Daphne told me it was one of her favorite colors, and she didn't steer me wrong. It will be a great neutral!
  5. That is a great neutral color. Congrats, I really like it!
  6. Gorgeous leather and color, congrats! I have one too and she's a really great neutral! :tup:
  7. :tup:The color is amazing.
    Congrats and ENJOY!
  8. Beautiful leather and I love the colour too. Well done on finding one of these!
  9. what a wonderful day you've got there! isn't vert foncé yummy? i have a vert foncé weekender and love the smooshy thick leather, the best of my collection i'd say. congrats and enjoy your day!:tup::yes:
  10. Very pretty! Congrats! :flowers:
  11. that bag is perfect - i love love love vert fonce :love:
  12. congratulations! ~ the leather looks TDF! :love:
  13. Thanks, everyone!!
  14. wow its a beauty. Everytime I see a picture of this color it makes me want one. Congrats!
  15. love the color, love the leather, love it all.