It’s a baby Girl!

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  1. Don’t know if you girls already read my replied comment on my previous thread about deciding names.. Anyways! I got my ultrasound last Monday and the doctor said it was a girl..

    So her name is Luella Andrea!!!

    I’m going to start buying stuffs for her now since my old stuffs from my eldest daughter is already gone! :biggrin:

    Just happy and proud to tell all of you guys! ;D


  2. Congrats!!!!! :yahoo::love: how fun!!!
  3. wooooo Luella!!!!!! I was hoping it would be a girl, I love the name Luella!!!

    way to go RicA!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :party:

  4. ^ haha! I think you guys are praying it's a girl since you loved Luella better than Audric!! LOL!
  5. congrats!
  6. :party: :dothewave: :party: :dothewave: :party:
  7. How exciting! I want a baby girl so badly (someday soon).
  8. Congratz! How far along are you?
  9. I'm already on my 6th month! And having a difficult problem ignoring chocolates and sweets!! huhuhu...
  10. CONGRATULATIONS! And what a cute name! I'm so jealous heehee.
  11. Thanks to you guys!! Hehehe!
  12. congrats mommy to be!
  13. Congratulations~~ Little girls are so much fun!
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. Thanks Kelli! :biggrin: