It's A 10 !!! NOW IN THE UK !!! FINALLY FOUND IT !!!

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  1. Girls girls girls!! :wlae:

    There is a seller on ebay that sells the product for only GBP 25.99 !!! Considering that it is found no where else, I thought that was just a steal !

    This seller was selling them a while ago, and I thought I would try it out first before letting anyone else know about it... and yes it works!!! :yahoo:

    Told some girls about it, and *poof* it was sold out. :wtf:

    The seller just listed some today as well. So just thought I would give you girls a heads up just incase it finishes.

    Just *~* CLICK HERE *~*
  2. Great! I've been meaning to try this product but haven't had the money hehe. Please, do let me know how you like it! I'd love a first-hand review.
  3. i really want this- wish stores in the UK sold it
  4. Whilst I think this is a great product, I'm amazed at the price! I got mine for about 8 pounds from an ebayer in the US and the shipping (to Australia) was about another 4 pounds.

    Awesome product though.
  5. I've been wanting to try it too...
    I wish I could find a place that sells it as I rather have it right then and there :smile:
  6. :heart: Missmustard - i loved it !! I would get tangles in my hair a lot, and when i try take them apart it looked like someone tried to rip my hair off lol. This product was so amazing it made my hair look so divine. I seriously recommened you try it out !!

    :heart: cammy - its not a UK store... its a UK SELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo: This person, is selling the real deal !!

    This is the link :

    GO GO GO !! Heheheehe :wlae:

    :heart: Cal -I tried ordering from the US but it ended up not coming!! I was really disappointed and had to get my money back. That is the problem with international buys you cant keep track and you never know what will happen to it. What got my attention was the fact that this seller was selling it through 1st class recorded, and gave me the tracking number for the item once it was dispatched. So I wouldn't mind paying extra for something I have more faith will get to me.

    :heart:RockRollCowgrl - the seller is great. I ordered it and it arrived in no time!! It just took 1 day. The seller does a recorded service and gives you the tracking number once the item is dispatched.

    Thanks for passing girls.... :love:
  7. Oooh wow, it sounds really good!
  8. Heheh yeah, i was really pleased :upsidedown:.
  9. I just bought this product from the seller you recommended and it is fantastic and the seller was really efficient. Thanks for the tip. :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  10. Wow, this product seems to cover everything....

  11. Oh you are more than welcome sweety!! :love: It is amazing isn't it!:okay:
  12. Wow. I've got to try it. I've just bought it from a US seller who supplies free postal insurance and is willing to replace lost items for free.
  13. :tup: that's great !!! Hope you enjoy your product !! :biggrin: :biggrin: