It's 9/1 any news of any increases?

  1. or is it really november?
  2. I am gonna stop by Neimans today and I will find out. I'll keep everyone posted!!!
  3. Just got back from Neimans. Nope prices are still the same :smile:

    So I guess November 1st is the day!!!
  4. Thanks, what a relief!
  5. whew!
  6. Did the prices go up only at Saks? What about the J12?
  7. I'm excited this gives us more time. After 11/1 I can't buy too many more Chanels. They are getting close to if not over $3K!
  8. was at saks and Neimans cherry creek mall and no increase yet.
  9. Yay!!!! we have two more months!!!! :smile: