It's <3...Navy is my new black!!! =-)

May 7, 2008
So this bag is probably old news to many of you since it has changed hands now for at least the third time in recent weeks, so i'll apologize in advance. But, being new to me, I am absolutely enamored by it and had to share it with all you fellow Minkettes!!!:love: It has been a LONG time since I have felt this way about an RM, and as always the oldies are the goodies in my eyes!!! I must say a big thank you to another lovely pf'er for letting her go...not sure I could have or more than likely ever will! The Mini Nikki is a great size imo, and holds just enough for my daily hauls. It is a bit heavy loaded down though...guess that's my own fault! :heart:'ing the old school hardware and of course that gorge candy stripe lining. So without further adieu, her she is in all her glory...




Dr. Love
Aug 31, 2008
Navy is absolutely TDF! Congrats on the beautiful new baby! I especially love the candy stripe lining too, and the color and texture of that bag is just delicious. I am still waiting to someday find myself a Navy Nikki too.