It's 10/1 - what else is new?

  1. Crickets! I'm hearing crickets! Was NOTHING launched today?
  2. hmm not that I know of but my wife is giving birth to another baby at the end of the month:graucho:
  3. Um new wallets are out for men and women, hard to describe the NEW styles but there is the Brazza wallet in Mono and in Black Epi now, saw it today, and new mens taiga bags (not the ones from a few weeks ago) but newer one's!
  4. Congrats!! This will be a very exciting month for you. :yes:
  5. ^ thanx but you do know what I mean when I say baby right? "bag baby" lol
  6. i've been seeing here and there on the LV forum that some of the other mirage bags have come in. i don't know if that counts.
  7. I am still waiting for those utah bags to be released!!
  8. It's my birthday, which is yet another reason to rationalize a bag purchase!
  9. Happy birthday. Mine's the 23rd. I'd like something new, too. Supposedly the Thunder and Storm are coming in around the 15th. Don't know if I want something that expensive though.

  10. haha thats funny.

    congrats anyways :smile:
  11. :shrugs: Don't know but I've just done the november resummary (shameless plug!)
  12. I was waiting for them to release the iphone cases. I'm currently using the mono cigarette case but I want to use that for my digital camera.
  13. I haven't heard anything either.... interesting....:sos:
  14. Was the release date for Trivoli and Palmero switched to November?
  15. hmm... well one thing is "new"

    if anyone is interested, Montreal has the black crocodile (or was it alligator?...) lockit and it is THE ONLY ONE IN ALL OF CANADA! I was offered to buy it for ~18 000$... way above my level now lol, but ya... you guys can go check it out, it's on display.