Itouch or Damier Pochette

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  1. Hi ladies! I recently got a Itouch as a gift, but now I'm debating whether I should keep it or return it for the Damier pochette. I know I'm going to have to add extra $$ for the Pochette, but is it worth it? I have been wanting the Itouch for the apps (can't get the Iphone because I have Verizon) but I also want a small handheld accessory to match my Damier Speedy. I wanted to buy the long chain so I can wear the pochette over the shoulder but I read that the chain is about $200? So ladies, which would you choose? I still have 20 days to return the Itouch if I want. THanks!:biggrin:
  2. I would get the pochette!! Technology breaks, but you'll have the LV forever!
  3. wow,, that's a tough choice!! I have an ipod touch,, and I love it!! the apps are great... it's def something you would always use. :smile: if you already have the speedy, maybe just keep the ipod touch, and save up for the pochette. I think that's what I would do. Good Luck deciding.
  4. I have both, but I say iPod touch! its amazing :smile:
  5. As much as I like LV I would keep the Itouch
  6. Technology changes everyday. I am sure apple will come out with a new one this year or next. Considering everyone is worried about a price increase TOMORROW, I would go ahead and get the pochette. Keep in mind, I have an Iphone so I can/can't understand the "wanting" of the capabilities of that specific technology. At the end of the day, get what will make you happiest! Good Luck! :smile:
  7. Keep your iTouch.
  8. I have both a pochette and iPod touch.... So I'd choose the LV first. Everyone has the iPod Touch, already, so maybe they'll be coming out with something better next year or so? Just my thoughts. Good luck deciding, though!
  9. As much as I love LV, the only thing that could make me give up my Touch was a 32gb iPhone--now my mom has my Touch, which she has described as "life changing." :biggrin: I say enjoy those apps, and you'll have the pochette in no time! ;)
  10. I have an Itouch and I don't even use it. I say go for LV.
  11. If you aren't planning on getting an iphone soon, keep the touch. It's awesome.
  12. Keep the itouch, I love mine and am using it right now!
  13. Get the pochette. I have an iphone but most of the apps I use are going to be useless without a data plan. And with the itouch, not all of the places that you go to will have free wifi. I'm actually thinking of getting a pochette too.
  14. KEEP the itouch. Bought one for my sister and she cherishes it!! Its a great gadget
  15. keep the touch...i have a nano and i adore 4 the lv so u can have both...hth