itinerary for nyc??

  1. i need your help!!

    i'm going to nyc for 4 and a half days in september and i'm trying to sort out an itinerary for my trip! has anyone got any suggestions of itinerary's they've used that includes all the major sights?

    also, i want to fit in walking across Brooklyn Bridge and having pizza at Grimaldi's, but I have no clue how long it takes to walk across??

    please help, i'm a complete nyc newbie!
  2. also, has anyone got any good advice as to how to get from Newark airport to midtown manhattan? is it easier to just get a cab? or is the njtransit a convenient way to travel?
  3. well the main sites are the statue of liberty and ellis island, empire state, rockerfella centre and central park.
    when i was there in march we picked and area and did everything in that area and then the next day did another part of the city.
    for example one day we did the rockerfella centre, MoMA and the shopping around there. the next day we went to liberty and ellis and then went to china town and soho. doing things that way makes it easier than trecking backwards and forwards across the city.

    PM me if you want to know anything else. and have fun!
  4. You can take the Newark Liberty Airport Express bus to Port Authority in NYC for $14.00.
  5. is a good reference for things to do.
  6. both tripadvisor and fodors are great travel sites with lots of information -- I use them both to plan trips.
    cherry pie's suggestions are good ones
    MOMA is free on Friday nights -- very costly admission otherwise -- if you like modern art you should go
    definitely get out of midtown and walk around the twisty little streets of the Village -- if you want to shop best trendy boutiquey depart stores are in the meat packing district -- Pastis down there is good for brunch, Buddakhan is great for dinner.
  7. I used to walk across the bridge from time to time when I was going to school in Brooklyn. It shouldn't take more than 30 mins if you walk at a normal pace, but you may want to stop along the way to take pix of the views (lots of people do). Also when you're in Brooklyn, you should check out Juniors for their amazing cheesecake (their original location is in Brooklyn but they have another location on 42nd street Manhattan). Oh and of course, the 5th avenue shops are a must-visit. Enjoy!!
  8. I just took the NJTransit train yesterday,it was peaceful,and relaxing (Then again I was just traveling with my brother with just two duffel bags). Since you are traveling from out of the country you will probably have alot of luggage on you. Lugging two suitcases through 3x escalators,and flagging down a cab is going to be a hassel,IMO just take a cab(its going to be pricey though),out of curiosity why did you get your tickets in New Jersey, Kennedy Airport is much closer to midtown!.
  9. definately take a day to shop.....I personally had a blast in SOHO ....Love the little shops there(especially Prada..hehe!)
    u have to hit BG and Barneys of course!!.....
  10. i know she booked the flights with Continental (i was with her at the time!), and they were only flying to Newark from our nearest large airport!
  11. hi ya im not long back from my first trip new york im from irelnd i managed fit everything in i went woodbury which i would recommend its a big shopping outlet really cheap clothes left port authority in new york 8.20 was there hour later shops open at ten and i left again at half 3 i managed to see all the shops and purchased loads went top of rock that night its in rockfellar i recommend going night time you see all the bright lights next day i went lower manhatten went ground zero century 21 went out in circle line tour for an hour make sure your there early otherwise queues are crazy i was there round ten in the morning saw statue libirity but did not get off there cause i felt there was no need saw the broklyn bridge too from boat trip, ellis island and much more after the boat trip spent rest day walking through chinatown and little italy that night and every night i was there we would head down to times square shops stay open really late and the atmosphere is unreal next day i went empire state building as before be there early in morning avoid the crowds spent rest day shopping in fifth avenue and aroung times square last day went up central park its amazing you will definitely fit everything in the trick is to be up early hope this helps im so jealous i would love to be going back again