Ithink I changed my mind - Gustto vs. Minkoff

  1. What do you ladies think??? I have orders in for both, though I am considering cancelling the Gustto. I just found the Rebecca Minkoff tote last night and I think I like it better. I think it will last longer both physically and trend-wise. Any thoughts?
    gustto tote.jpg rebecca minkoff tote.jpg
  2. I think you are right, Kathleen. I love that Minkoff tote! Very nice and you'd get more use out of it, I bet.
  3. good. that is what i was hoping to hear. i think i will call right now. though it might be fun just to have both bags in my hot little hands for a moment or two...
  4. I LOVE the Minkoff bag--you should def keep that one---the leather looks so soft and thick
  5. I :heart: the Minkoff!!

    Where did you find that tote? It doesn't seem to be available on her website.
  6. three places.,, why it isn't on her site, i don't know. i ordered mine from funklala but ynotshop is cheaper (they didn't get back to me until after i ordered.) both funkylala and ynotshop offer free shipping. got the gustto on friday.
  7. The Minkoff's cool! I just saw it in an anthropologie catalogue.
  8. Will you post pics when the Minkoff comes?
  9. Of course. And I did change my mind. The Gustto went back today. Pictures of it are in my other link.
  10. Funkylala wrote me - the bag has been shipped - YEAHHHHH. I am thinking Wednesday or Thursday.
  11. I am so glad you got my bag!

    Good choice lady!
  12. Is this really you??? I haven't received it yet but I am really looking forward to it. What is the handle drop - can you wear it on your shoulder? Also, what care do you recommend? I have little little kids and I will be using it for school. How can I keep it nice? Also, why are you not showing it on your site?
  13. Hey! It is really me! I don't have it on my site cause we got a little crazy ( in a good way of course with orders and as soon as I have a minute...we are gonna shoot it and put up!) The strap drop is about 12" so it will easily fit over your arm with or without a coat on..