Items you wished Hermes made

  1. Me: a true slouchy, shoulder hobo bag. I'm trying to love the Lindy but I think I may succumb to a BV ball bag instead...and it is half the price...but if Hermes made nice functional one I think I'd still purchase it.

    What do you wish Hermes made? Or maybe it is better the house only makes certain items. After all my wallet could not afford it if Hermes fit in all the different areas that my life has needs for :heart:
  2. I wish they still made the pocket kleenex holder......
  3. LOL! That's true! :yes: DH would probably freak if I ask for a Hermes diaper bag...:p
  4. Wait...they made a kleenex holder! Aaarrrggghhh! When? Where? Must have!! (achoo!)
  5. A Birkin size in between the 30cm and the 35cm.
  6. OMG yes!! i want an hermes diaper bag so badly (and i don't even have a baby yet! hopefully soon though!)!!!! AND a 32cm birkin that's not HAC.
  7. A contact lens case, a classy looking hand binding contraption (so when I'm in a high traffic area and someone takes my bag I'll know and no thieves can swipe my bag), cutlery holder, knife case for my chef's knives, dog carrier (ha ha I know I'll get slammed on that one but it must come with a leash and collar for a small dog--the ones they sell are way too big for a 7 lb dog.), remote control cover, a purseket for all those die hard purseket people, a fly fishing case for all those ladies that like to flyfish, gardening tote for all those assorted tools, pill case for people that require medication.
  8. ^^ I could use most of those items!!! LOL :yes:
  9. ....leather-bound Martini shaker.................
  10. OMG! Elizabethk, you should join Hermes' Design Division! :nuts:

    Does anyone know if Hermes has napkin rings? I once joked with a friend that the rich & wealthy probably buy scarf rings & use them as napkin rings! :p
  11. This reminds me of the optional leather-bound for the Hermessence. I was :wtf: when my SA told me how much it is...
  12. For me, I would buy up all of the following if Hermes makes them

    1) Kleenex pocket tissue paper holder
    2) Sunshades case
    3) A 32cm Birkin (not HAC)
    4) A leather make-up bag (not the Karo) that has pockets for different brushes
    5) Blackberry case

    Can't think of anything else....
  13. I want a 32cm birkin and a pouch for my cell phone for now. Maybe some nice cell phone charms too.
  14. By sunshades, do you mean sunglasses? If so, then keep an eye out for the new merchandise. There is a new sunglass case that just came out.
  15. ^^^^ OOooo, HG! You're the best!:yahoo:

    Sunglasses case, indeed :wlae: :wlae: