items with price DEcrease?

  1. does anybody know if there is/are any LV items (i'm talking about bags and wallets) that actually went down in price after the price increase?
  2. I didn't notice any. What I did notice was that the monogram shawl went form 380 to 410 on 1/23 and today it went down to 395.
  3. oh wow.. that's rather interesting... because i saw on another thread that someone said there was a slight price decrease on the bag she wanted... so i was curious to know if there are any that went down in price.
  4. Oh I'm glad that the shawl went down, I really want one!
  5. me too! :yes:
  6. I hope it turns out there's more price decreases on items!
  7. there was something about a decrease on the batignolles a couple months ago