Items sold paid for the listing fees =\

  1. This is the second time this has happened-- I only relist a few times and it costs under $2.00 usually. I just sold a shirt and a skirt for $30 total, and my current listing fee reached $30! Is that a waste or what? Same with the last item I sold-- it was like $15 and my listing fees for that group of items I was listing at the time also equaled nearly $15 !

    I have specific items at least and I know of a free site to list them on, but still. They get more views on eBay and aggh... I just can't believe I didn't make any money off selling these things.
    I think I'm going to have to pick and choose what is listed on there from now on.
  2. Use one of the eBay fee calculators
  3. This happened to me too. I just sold a pair of shoes for about what it cost me to list the item.
  4. it sucks
  5. do you mean that the total came to $30 bec of relisting, or bec you listed so many items?
    in the first case, this sucks!!!
  6. Ugh I know..sometimes I relist my things so many times before they sell that my fees are up around that same amount. It doesn't give you much of a profit when you're just trying to unload cheaper things. :sad:
  7. I know, its sucks. When I was selling all my Chloe bags last year (I think there were almost 30 of them) by the time I was done selling them my eBay fees totaled what one of the bags sold for. So basically one bag sale went all towards ebay listing and final value fees. I normally dont list more than twice.
  8. i only relist twice. i have a store so if things don't sell on the first two listings then i park it in there.

    so you were selling say 10 things and only one sold and the price for the one that sold equaled your listing fees for everything? is that right? if that's the case you might want to think about listing your things higher or else what you can do to improve your listings so that everything sells- or at least more things- to make money. it does stink though that you broke even. hey, at least you didn't lose money, that would stink more! hth!
  9. I stopped selling for this very reason last summer, I was just breaking even. I decided it wasn't worth my time for so little
  10. ahh thanks you guys! I was starting to get nervous that I did something really really wrong, like it was impossible for this to happen like that.

    I listed about 15 things, some listings went for under $1.00, some a little over. I think one or two were listed at $2.00. I'm not entirely sure how it all added up like that, but I did re-list a few.
    There's a pair of $60 boots I listed and relisted and it came to $15... lost money on that but am so determined to finally sell them that I lowered the price and have some watchers and questions and even advertised for them. agh..

    What I tried doing though on some of them which may still hurt my chances of selling because some people bookmark and not select to watch the item so I can see people are interested if there's not a lot of hits, is: If there's no sign of them selling, then I just adjust the time for a little bit longer. I typically list for 5 days, and a couple for 7.
  11. I am in the same boat right now, I actually ahve to sell a few items to make up for what I have listed and what I have had to re-list. What annoys me more is that I have some items that other people are selling at much higher prices and they have bids! I have great feedback and just don't get it.
  12. never ever ever start anything for 1 dollar. you end up losing money. and really, is your stuff worth a dollar? if you wouldn't be happy having it sell for opening bid then you shouldn't use that opening bid. very rarely does 99 cent sales actually work. at least they don't for me. you need to start your stuff for what you think is fair. research it. i truly believe that the more faith you have in the things you sell and the prices you list them at the more they will sell for. i list my things high and you know what? they sell. sometimes for way more than other people are selling them for. it's all about faith. hth!
  13. I hate that too. Ebay charged me for $34 for no reason. When I wrote email to them, they simply ignore my question.
  14. I rarely sell things on eBay bc I'm too lazy, and this is one of the reasons why. It's becoming such a hassle w/ the fees etc.
  15. i usually won't relist more than twice, if i ever sell on ebay, and that's not often at all... ebay is always my very last resort, it's just not worth it with all those fees!