Items not received after a month and seller doesn't answer e-mails! Opinions please!

  1. More than a month ago (26.07.2006), I purchased some items from an e-bay seller (feedback score over 10000, 99.1% positive) and paid 105$
    I paid as soon I received the invoice and sent a message in which I thanked him and asked to inform me when he was going to ship my items. I didn't receive a response but I assumed that he shipped the items but was to busy to reply.
    A month later I e-mailed him again, saying that it's been a month and I still haven't received anything, asking if there is a tracking number. Needless to say, he didn't reply. Well, if I pay someone 105$, at least he could answer my e-mails:rant:
    Anyway, I looked at his feedback and I noticed that in many feedback comments there are comments about slow shipping and not answering e-mails. Then I find a great link (thanks to a lovely PFer) in which you can see all negative feedback that were left for a seller and I was horrified::wtf:
    Negative/Neutral Feedback received by awhummer
    Apparently there are many buyers who never received their items and never got a refund. Thankfully, I've paid for insurance but it's making me really angry that I haven't heard from him.
    I'm thinking of filing a complaint with Paypal as it's been 36 days since I've made the payment but also, I'm afraid that he may leave a negative and ruin my perfect feedback.
    What do you guys think? What should I do? Should I wait more (it's really getting on my nerves and I don't think that he should get away with it)? Any opinions would be much appreciated :flowers:
  2. Don't wait!!!! Notify ebay and file a dispute. The seller will be notified by ebay, and will most likely respond.

    I would also contact your credit card company.
  3. hunny, don't worry about your feedback, I seriously doubt if he'd leave you negative feedback I mean, what would he say 'impatient buyer.. wouldn't wait for more than a month'?? :biggrin:

    honestly, don't worry about it, if he negs you, put a reply telling people to check out his feedback & they'll soon see what sort of an arse he is.

    I hate sellers like this! they all act like they're a multinational conglomerate or something!

    I expect you'll find that a paypal dispute claim will hurry along delivery nicely :biggrin:
  4. this is where Sellers have dropped the ball IMO. There should've been A LOT more negative feedback left, it's possible he wouldn't even be selling anymore.
    I too would file immediately and not worry about him leaving Neg feedback.
    Buyers have to be honest, this is where eBay fails IMO, people are afraid of being honest because of retaliation : (
  5. Thanks so much for your replies :flowers:
    That's what I was going to do, I just wanted to get some opinions! I just opened a dispute and we'll see how it goes..
    You are so right! It makes me so mad that people like that are still allowed to sell on ebay and I wish that I'd known about that link sooner!
  6. Just getting a notice from Ebay might get him to move a little faster.....
  7. Hurry up and file with Paypal as you have 45 days from the time you made payment to open a dispute.
    Good luck getting your items or your $ back!
  8. I filed with Paypal and of course the seller replied immediately!
    She's been ignoring me for a month and now, she responded in less than 24 hours!
    She said that my items were shipped and they should be here in two days! I think that my items will probably arrive soon but it's unacceptable that the seller wasn't answering my e-mails and she probably shipped them weeks after my payment without informing me :censor:
    Thanks everyone for your advice! I'll wait for another week or so and see what happens..If you have any other suggestions please let me know:flowers:
  9. As part of the dispute process, to be covered under Paypal regs (if the auction was covered in the first place - look for the icon on the auction regarding buyer protection) the seller has to provide online trackable shipping. If they don't, they lose the dispute by default. Them just saying they sent the item, won't cover them, they have to provide to Paypal, as well as yourself, the tracking details.

    Good luck!

  10. ^^Good to know that!
    After she replied, I sent her another message asking her when she shipped it and if there was a tracking number. I suspect that she may not have this information because she would already have mentioned it.
    It's also stated in the auction that all packages are sent with delivery confirmation and tracking number. What can happen if she can't provide it?
  11. If she can't provide Paypal with the details, they will refund your transaction. I *think* with items not received claims, that the whole transaction amount, ie, including shipping, is included. Someone should be a long shortly to confirm that.

    Did you look on the auction and see if you were covered? If you look again at the auction, on the top right hand side, where it gives the seller info, under "Meet the seller", it then says "Buy safely". Under; "2. Learn how you are protected" you need to be seeing a paypal icon, which says "Paypal buyer protection".

    Now, having said all that, I'm sure you are covered, otherwise Paypal would have told you to contact Ebay, in regard to the standard ebay protection!

    You may even find, that if the seller doesn't provide the shipping details, even if they have sent the item and you eventually recieve it, you get a refund as well! I'd have to say to you, in that case, the honest thing to do would be to go into paypal and refund part of the refund you've received, deducting you shipping for all the trouble you've had!

    Good luck!!

  12. I was wondering about this.

    Someone I know filed a complaint with Paypal but she STILL never got her money from them, she got this:

    "After careful review, we have concluded our investigation
    of the Buyer Complaint described below. We have decided
    in your favor, however, we were unable to recover any
    funds from the seller's account. As stated in the PayPal
    User Agreement, recovery of funds associated with a Buyer
    Complaint cannot be guaranteed."

    What if you paid using your Paypal Funds but not a credit card?
    You can't go through your cc company for recourse and if they can't take the money out of the SELLER account, then I heard that you actually just end up taking a loss? Does anyone have firsthand experience with this as I'm in the same boat as far as purchasing something and the package going MIA, no word from seller, no tracking number on the package...nothing...except my empty Paypal account. :cursing:
  13. When I use paypal I always use my CC and not paypal funds. If I have any funds in my paypal account I transfer it to my bank account before paying. I also find that pop up question 'are you sure you want to use a credit card' infuriating.
    Does anyone else feel the same?
  14. I was scammed in my first ever ebay transaction. I bought a LV handbag, as you can imagine, it never came and after that the seller was "no longer a registered user"
    I was really afraid because I then had 0 feedback and thought that Paypal wouldn't believe me but luckily they refund me some money which are the maximum amount Paypal can refund (I don't remember how much exactly, 150$?:shrugs: ). Of course they couldn't recover funds from the seller's account and he also got A LOT of money from other buyers before he dissapeared.
    So to answer your question, from my experience Paypal does refund some money if it's proven that you were scammed but if the item was of high value you end up losing money (like in my case)
    sratsey how long ago this has happened? Was it an expensive item? Have you opened a dispute with the seller?
  15. that's what I thought :crybaby: and yes, it was an expensive item.
    Now I totally regret that I didn't move the money out and then just use me CC card. Normally, that's what I would do, I was just being overly trusting, so that's my own fault.

    I've opened a dispute and I'm just praying that my item arrives.
    Hopefully if not, I'll be able to find some other recourse as far as getting my money back, even if I have to go through legal channels to do so.
    Thanks for your input!