Items not affected by March 3, 2014 Price Increase

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  1. I was told by my SA that everything would go up with the exception of shoes.

    I've noticed that some of the prices have not been changed on the product page; however, if you add the item to the cart and check out, there is a new price.
  2. No, I believed it went up. I bought mine during the winter for $390, it is now listed for $415.

  3. Shoes depreciate in value quickly. Rarely do you see sellers trying to sell stinky smelly used shoes. LV will not increase the price to stay competitive with other designer brands and to keep inventory steady.
  4. I believe the new Damier (the Element, Kit, Modul & Mobil) line didn't increase.
  5. That's strange! I was going to purchase this scarf in the Ruby color before Valentines Day online and the price said $415. I would've purchased it locally (Hawaii prices are much cheaper), but they were sold out. I wonder why there's a difference before the increase???

  6. That's weird!

    I did check the scarf out online before the increase and it for sure said $390. I only checked today because another member said it didn't increase, but there is definitely a new price. Perhaps the system screwed up that day? I know I was rang up for the new price over the weekend and had to call LV for a price adjustment but it seems like I was the only one who had that problem.

    That is unfortunate that they didn't have stock. Next time, you should just purchase the scarf in a different color and exchange it for the color that you want when you get back! They do a full exchange if it's for the exact same style/model.
  7. Anyone knows how much multicolore agenda went up? TIA!
  8. I should've done that at the time, but didn't think about it. I just bought something else that was on my wishlist. If it happens again, I'll be sure to do that:smile:
  10. yeah i looked at it today! its still 270!:woohoo:
  11. the books stayed the same price.
  12. Is there another round if price increase?