Items not affected by March 3, 2014 Price Increase

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  1. #1 Mar 4, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014
    I was reviewing the website so far I have found that the agendas have not increased in price:

    Pocket Agenda Mono $270

    Agenda PM Mono $365

    Please share other items you find that have not increased in price!:smile:
  2. Great thread... I would love to hear what didn't go up!
  3. Mirabeau is still the same I believe, around 2600
  4. Thank you!
  5. Most Shoes
  6. Yeah I hope so. I want to get some Oxford flats while I'm in Vegas next month. My store doesn't sell shoes.
  7. It's weird how some of their items don't increase in price. I would understand if they didn't increase the prices on entire groups of items, e.g. shoes or scarves, but not the excluding of certain bags or SLGs. Strange!

  8. The oxfords stayed the same - suede and patent

  9. LV makes a big deal of calling a price adjustment and snappy SAs get very upset by the term price increase. They kind of cooled it over the years. The contend that the prices reflect some inane formula - production, global exchange rates, etc. Sometimes, items go down. Once the bandeaus went down by $5 and then splash boots were $425 in 2012 and dropped to $400 when I bought them early last year. Now they are $430 which was the adjusted price - so they stayed the same for this and the fall increase.

  10. Wow excellent info! I had no idea items can possibly (though rare) decrease in price!
  11. Interesting! I had forgotten that some people mentioned prices decreasing. I don't suppose we should complain about LV's increases, really - there are other fashion houses whose increases are positively astronomical!
  12. Logomania scarf stayed the same price.
  13. Doesn't look like the Eva changed, still $730

  14. It is $775 now. The prices reflect the new one when added to cart
  15. Ooh whoops! Now I feel better about buying it before the increase :smile: