items laid out on the floor: is it offputting?

  1. I have ome across so many auctiosn where people have put their wares straight on the floor to photograph (straight on the floor, no sheet or anything :yucky:) Most of the time, it's for clothes and accessories. Does it put you off, seeing things on the floor like that? especially new or valuable clothes.

    If the item is too big to big to put on a table, surely the bed is better than the floor? On a side note, once I saw vintage clutch that l was about to bid on. when I scrolled down and saw the other pics, one of then had the clutch held up with a cigarette in the persons hand :wtf: :yucky: ! I clicked the 'back' button of course
  2. Yes, it sure does- especially an expensive handbag. I wonder if they are that careless about laying it down on a floor to photograph. How were they when they were using the item?. I pass on all auctions where they do this..
    Another pet peeve- is when they have dirty grundgy finger nails when they photograph and leave it in the picture- pass on those to.:yes:
  3. Where you photograph the auction is definitely key (IMHO). It's not that hard to make the surroundings look presentable.
  4. if the area looks clean, it actually doesn't bother me at all.
    If the floor looks dirty that's no worse than the table being dirty to me.
    It's about cleanliness for me, no matter where they think they can capture the best photo.
  5. ^ I agree. Maybe they just scrubbed down the floor. I would rather they lay it there than on a greasy table stained with food.
  6. IA with the cleanliness part, I realise that any surface can be dirty. what I meant was, does the idea of seeing stuff on the floor put you off or make something less appealing?
  7. right, and nope, not as long as it's clean.
  8. That has never bothered me before. What bothers me is when I can see clutter from a person's picture. If it is on the floor and there's nothing around it, fine, if it is on a table and you can see all this junk in the background, drives me nuts and I wouldn't look again.
  9. Clean is fine, but it bothers me when I see a nice bag laid out on the garden, maybe there's mud or dog poo or dog wee wee - hey you never know...there are some sellers who like to do the Garden Thing and I HATE it, coz sometimes they have nice bags I want to bid on but I just can't seem to press the Bid button <sigh> Clean, nice fingernails is ok - manicured or no :smile:
  10. Same here. Floors don't bother me as long as it looks clean and if I do buy a shawl or something, I wash it first.
  11. I often put my designer items on my CLEAN floor b/c the lighting strikes the area well and I can get a good pic.

    Also b/c I'm short, I can get a good overall pic of the bag instead of having to climb on a stool!
  12. It doesn't bother me at all cuz I take pics of clothing to sell on ebay on my carpet which I vacuum everyday. Of course I always wash clothing before me or my kids wear clothes I buy off ebay.
  13. ITA! I know sometimes when trying to capture small details I have to go where the light is good.
  14. When I sell clothing I usually put a white sheet down on the floor and then snap pics. If the item is white, then I switch to a darker colored sheet.
    Personally the whole floor thing doesn't bother me...but I do know it bothers ALOT of people!