Items from Yahoo Taiwan auctions are here

  1. I am so happy that my OP Angioletto and Tan Playground Caramella are finally here. The shipping was really fast considering that it was mailed on this past Saturday.

    So what do you gurls think?
    OPAngioletto_n_TanPlaygroundCaramella.jpg OPAngioletto01.jpg OPAngioletto02.jpg OPAngiolettoDalekQee.jpg
  2. And the caramella
    TanPlaygroundCaramellaFront.jpg TanPlaygroundCaramellaBack.jpg
  3. Nice items. Did you have to use a shopping service (like on Yahoo Japan auctions) or did they ship internationally to you?
  4. Oh!! They are so cute! Congrats on your new Caramella and Angioletto! I've never seen an Angioletto in person before, but it looks so sweet!
  5. congrats qtiekiki :biggrin:
  6. Nice purchases. Congrats. Ah, the Dalek qee...
  7. Gorgeous
  8. Actually the seller is located in U.S. I think she buys the bags here (U.S.) and sells them to people in Taiwan. Her stock is all over the place though, some are in Taiwan, some with her and some with her family. These two were with her in U.S., so she just sent it to me with USPS. There are a couple sellers on Yahoo Taiwan auctions that are located in U.S. and then one located in Taiwan that would ship internationally. All the other sellers would not ship out of Taiwan.
  9. those are adorable! congrats!
  10. kyoot! i love the caramella! how much did u pay for each?
  11. congratz i love the caramella !
  12. I paid too much. hehehe. The total was $177.80 for both (including shipping and paypal fee). This is the first time I paid over retail, but it was worth it.
  13. Thats alot, but well worth it, your items are tdf!
  14. Very nice!
  15. OMG qtiekiki :nuts: I love your OP angioletto and the playground caramella!!! They're beautiful!!! :love:

    congrats!! :woohoo: