Items from Hong Kong shipped to Canada

  1. I wanted to ask my Canadian TPF friends if we pay duty taxes when buying fron HK?:crybaby:
  2. Yes. If you're considering buying from one of the many Hong Kong MPRS, they usually mark down the customs value of the item and also mark it as a gift so that you don't have to pay.
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer Ayla, the question what if they put the amount for the insurance and the Customs will consider that amount? This is what hapened with a bag from Us even if she put "gift" she stated $300 the value of the bag on the insurance forms and they charged me $46 :crybaby:
  4. I asked authentic lvlady once, and she stated that she would mark it as 50$, used bag. I'm not sure how they handle insurance on the bags since technically the declared value would be how much postal insurance would pay out (unless they privately fund an insurance pool on their own end). You should definitely contact the particular seller that you'd like to buy from to find out how they ship and the particulars.

    And yes, gift is only applicable up to a certain amount (100$), after that, they'll charge you duty as well.
  5. The maximum value of a "gift" is only $60.00CAD and if that is the value put on the parcel that is the total amount it can be insured for. If you pay $500.00US for a bag and the seller marks it value of $50.00 and it is lost you are out $450.00.
  6. Thanks for your time :flowers: - I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  7. I've had 2 things come from there and paid nothing :yahoo:
  8. Depends on your luck... but it's always better to think of the worst possible situation first so that whatever the outcome is, you'll be happy! So i'm gonna say: YES! You must pay taxes!
  9. Just make sure it is sent with a tracking number...
  10. Ask the seller to mark it "used personal belongings". Also, tell them not to include any invoices (just in case customs open your parcel).:idea:
  11. ladyzee is right, ayla. The allowable "gift" amount is only $60 Canadian, not $100.

    And in case customs opens your parcel, if you have a gift message or card, then you're completely exempt! (If under the allowable limit)
  12. The $46 you paid for was probably for taxes...GST and PST.
    Even if an item is marked "gift", if you declare it as gift, they will still charge you taxes on a portion of the declared amount. Around $8 of your $46 was paid for Canada Post handling fee...

    So let's say $300 x 15% = $45 (If it was declared at $300, customs probably put down that around $250 was considered in the tax calculation) Plus handling, plus handling's GST...comes to around $46!

    You may be lucky though...I find that it depends. I had one package marked "Merchandise" with full declared amount and I was charged nothing. One package was marked gift and declared at $500 and I paid $38 for it. Another one declared at $50 (real value $200) and I had to pay $11.