Items doesn't show up???

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  1. Yesterday night I listed a coat and a bag on Ebay and while the bag showed up immediately, the coat still doesn't.
    If I make a search by item number I can see it, but if I make a search by "search item" or "items listed by the seller" (me) it doesn't show up, only the bag does. In MY EBAY I can see both, and the coat has only 6 days of auction left.
    What's happening? I looked carefully and I listed it in the right section, I realyy can't understand. It's a Burberry rain coat, does it mean anything?
  2. It is being filtered through ebay system. Give it 24 hours then check again
  3. It takes awhile for the database to re-index if there are a high volume of same brand listed, that's what they explained to me. Mine takes 10 hours. And yes, the clock did start when you first listed, not when the buyers first see your listing. It's eBay thing.
  5. That does bite.Good luck on your auction though! :smile:
  6. Mine take at least ten hours also, so when I create a listing, I do it a day or two in advance and designate the start time. That way, you get full exposure of your item for only a ten-cent charge.