Items Being Pulled off the Floor at Coach Boutiques

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  1. My manager said it was fine for me to tell you this. We've got a LOT of stuff being deleted. LOTS!

    As you probably all already know, the Optic Signature Multifunction totes have already been deleted and those should be going to outlets.

    New deletes (this is some, not all) include the Signature Stripe stuff (the older, not the new, obviously).... demi's, totes, wristlets, beauty cases, swingpacks, and all of that stuff. And the optic signature duffle wristlets... a couple of scarves (the pink oblong signature with the rhinestones and one of the blue signature scarves), the flower applique items also (You know, with the orange flower and the rhinestones).

    AND... AND... they are pulling the multi-stripe items back to JAX but they are not being deleted so get those while you can!
  2. ooooh, THANKS for the info!
  3. how long does it take for that stuff to get to the outlets?
  4. How long does it take for those items to get to the outlets? Thanks!
  5. thanks for the update! I will be heading to the outlet on friday, but I doubt that stuff will be there yet...guess I'll just have to see what they have there....
  6. I know the stuff won't be going anywhere before next week and I'd say it takes at least a month, usually more, before you start seeing it in outlets. I wouldn't count on seeing it till midsummer, to be honest.
  7. We had a punch stripe swingpack come in as a return today. I want to buy it so bad.... :crybaby:
  8. Thanks for the info!
  9. Do you think they'll get the signature stripe totes at the outlet? I didn't see them there today but maybe soon? I really like the crimson and am kicking myself that I didn't pick one up last fall!
  10. Go for it! It is so pretty!
  11. The Crimson Stripe has been consolidated and returned to JAX and I'm betting that they'll sell them again this fall because it's a fall colour and very popular.

    The black, brown, parchment, white and blue Sig Stripe items are all going to the outlets to my knowledge. This will include the totes, I am pretty sure, unless Coach sells out of all of them before the floor move on Sunday night! :roflmfao:
  12. :heart:Thanks for the info Sarah!
  13. yes, thank you for the info!

    I just wish Coach didn't make so many cute bags. We need a good fugly line so I won't feel compelled to be on tpf all the time and stalking my outlet and boutique!

    It's amazing how much work I'm not getting done right now!
  14. Thanks for the heads up! Phew glad I already have my multistripe. Oh, what is JAX? Thanks!
  15. Will the sig stripe deletes include the wallets? Specifically, :blush:, the sig stripe zip-around wallet? And I'm not especially interested, but I know others will want to know: what about sig stripe wristlets & mini skinnies? Thanks so much Razor for putting up with our interrogation!