Items Appear Lost in Mail, What should I do?

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  1. Long story I will try to shorten:

    I bought and paid for two Ebay items on August 26th that were to be shipped to me from Sweden (I'm in the US). Total paid was $461. Seller shipped the items Registered Mail just a few days after I paid. The items sat at the post office in Sweden for a week. When I finally contacted the seller he said he had forgotten to enter his social security number on the paperwork and that the Swedish post had contacted him to come in and fix it. Upon fixing it the item left Sweden.

    Tracking shows it entered the US and was processed in New York on August 6th. Since then the tracking has not updated. I contacted the seller and said since the item was sent registered mail can he see what has happened to it. I guess he's not a very experienced seller because his first reaction was that it's in the US now and there's really nothing he can do about it. 10 days later I opened a claim with Ebay (it's still a claim, I haven't upgraded it yet to a full on dispute), and the seller realized the lost package IS his problem because Ebay will give me my money back if I don't get it.

    Our communication has been pleasant and be are working both sides of the shipping trying to see if USPS can find the package. But the bottom line is that it's almost 30 days since I paid and the last time anyone saw the item it was in New York. Maybe one day soon it will emerge from Customs or wherever it is. I'm just wondering how long I should wait to escalate this with Ebay if it doesn't show up. My luck is that the minute I'm refunded it will appear.

    Any suggestions?
  2. I'd wait till at least the 26th before opening a dispute, since it's an international parcel.

    You'll still be well within your window.
  3. I'd give it the maximum number of days before escalating. You have 45 days from the day of payment, so I would file on day 44. Hopefully it will appear before then.
  4. Although it is on the seller to ensure delivery to you, you may want to try calling the local post office branch that had the last scan and provide them with the tracking number to get an (informal) investigation going. Your seller can also do the same on his/her end with the Swedish post.
  5. I like your response better than mine.

  6. I've called both USPS 1-800 number and visited my local Post office with no success. Here's the tracking number if anyone is interested:


    According to Ebay I have until October 16th to escalate, which will be close to the 45 days, so I'll give it until then. If I do get refunded and it eventually shows up I could still pay him again, right?
  7. Yes, you just inform the seller that your parcel did arrive and they'll send an invoice out to you via Paypal.

  8. How can the seller be responsible for what the postal system does? I have a similar situation I sent a package to the confirmed address in paypal, then the buyer emailed me that they forgot to update there new address. On the tracking # it states it was undeliverable, and being sent back to sender (me) it has been 21 days still no package. I have been in contact with my po, and buyers po. no one has it. I am in Ga, they live NJ. Why would I have to refund her, when it's not my fault. Oh this is thru Bonanza.
  9. Registered Mail in the US means every person that handles the package has to sign for it. Not sure if that is what you are getting but it could take quite some time.
  10. Have you tried contacting the customs office in NY? I have before and they were helpful. I wish I still had the number for you but I misplaced it!
  11. That's why shipping insurance exists. It's for the seller's benefit when a package gets lost. Assuming your buyer paid via Paypal, Paypal covers INR situations for Bonanza transactions.
  12. My buyer did not have the correct address in paypal, they had moved and not changed it. The address I sent it to was confirmed in paypal. So how is that my fault if now the package is lost.
  13. Would wait it out til the last possible date before filing your INR

    as many times the minute you file the package arrives at your doorstep..

    and would file an INR with PP not ebay...
  14. First, you should really make your own thread on this issue so that it's not mixed in with OP's case.

    Second, I don't know how paypal would handle the INR claim in this situation. Although the buyer did not provide the correct address, you also don't have anything that shows confirmation of delivery. I don't know how Paypal would view the "undeliverable" attempt and whether that dispute would be resolved in your favor. Like I said, start your own thread and maybe others who have more experience with this type of situation can advise.
  15. Did you call the post offices main 1 800 number to report this? They can open a case and will give you a case number. Since the last known location of the package is in NY, they would assign someone to look for it there. It could have been misplaced or something like that. Normally, they will get back with you within 24 hours. I would definitely suggest doing this and see what you can find out. It is the sellers responsibility to get the package to you but given that the seller is out of the country, I would do what I could to help.