Item wanted from Madison store, SA recommendation needed asap plz

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  1. I don't know if this is inappropriate. Please excuse me but I almost have my hands on something I need except that it is many miles away so I need your help!

    I was at my neighborhood H store & they didn't have something in the color I want but they checked and told me the store in Madison has 2 left. This was my first time shopping at this H store so I don't have a developed relationship with the SA (although I did pick up 2 goodies today)... the SA told me that I should contact the Madison store myself in the morning. (bc the Madison store was closed by the time I made it to a CA one today).

    I am not sure whether H ever does phone orders (I'm not trying to get a purse--although I'll gladly purchase a birkin too :graucho:)

    Since I can't make it there myself right now, is my only option finding someone to go to the Madison store in person to make the purchase for me?
  2. why don't you call Madison and find out whether you can do a charge send first?
  3. The part of my question (which was unclear) was whether charge sends may be expected from this store. I'm definitely going to give them a call in the morning but was wondering if I needed to send pleas to friends who live near the Madison store.

    So thanks hanyeu; your response gives me a clue that it may be possible. My heart is hanging by a string and I don't think I'll be able to get any sleep-lol
  4. H operates in mysterious ways ... i think if you use AMEX, then the possibillity is quite high!

    Good luck!
  5. I am quite sure you can do a charge send from Madison store...:graucho:

  6. You can definitely do a charge and send from Madison, but you will have to pay shipping. Your other option is to have your local SA have the item transferred from Madison. You'll have to pay first, but there's no shipping charge.
  7. I have had Madison charge send me several bags. I have never even set foot in their store. They also did not require me to use AmEx. I was able to use VISA. They were always extremely courteous and professional about it. If they did not have what I wanted in stock, they would call me back a couple of weeks later when they did. I was very impressed with this since many people complain about Madison.

    Wall Street, on the other hand, refused to do a charge send for me on a couple of items, so I will never do business with them. If they are the only store in the US that has a particular item, I will have an SA from a different store transfer it to his/her store and then send it out to me. The SA's at Wall Street then lose the commission.
  8. Thanks for all of the responses!!

    I called early this morning and was able to do a charge-send!! :happydance: I am soooo happy. The SAs I spoke to were very nice!! I am all about good service so I hope to meet them on my next visit to NY :graucho:

    My item should be here in 2 days :biggrin:
  9. Love a story with a happy ending!
  10. sometimes, as much as i love about H, I do wonder about how this company works and survive...
  11. Lol. Couldn't agree more with you, hanyeu

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    Unpredictable.. You can't order B or K over the phone one day. The next week, it would be acceptable.:noggin: