Item sold on ebay, now what?

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  1. Hi!

    I listed an item on ebay and a buyer contacted me about buying it. The buyer ask for my information to make payments, is this how it works? I thought payments can be made through paypal without disclosing the seller or buyer's information. The buyer emailed me the following:

    I like your item and i want to buy it today.
    In order to start this transaction, i need you to confirm your ebay username, full name and
    eBay ID:
    First name:
    Last name:
    Total amount(item+shipping):
    I need to know the details to forward them to eBay and to make the payment
    I would like to use UPS,Fedex, DHL (24 hours,like next day delivery). How much do I have to send you??
    I need your payment address. I am in London, UK.

    Please give me any information or feedbacks as I am not sure what to do from this point....THANKS!!!!!
  2. This sounds really, really fishy to me.
  3. You as the seller can send her a Paypal invoice to pay through Ebay. Your buyer does *not* need to know your personal details.

    As for shipping costs, determine how you are going to ship the item (ALWAYS buy insurance and signature confirmation, especially for international shipments).

    When shipping, make sure you honestly declare the item's value (sold price) on the customs and insurance forms.
  4. No, normally buyers don't ask questions like this. The only quasi-normal question is the one about shipping but most sellers have already disclosed this in the auction, i.e. shipping price, shipper used. It is also normal for the seller to determine the preferred shipper but a buyer could express a preference.

    Once a buyer has done a BIN or won an auction, ebay forwards all the billing information to the buyer and walks the buyer through the purchase steps.

    I would not disclose any of this information. At best the buyer sounds quite clueless as to how ebay works, at worst it is some kind of scam.
  5. "I listed an item on ebay and a buyer contacted me about buying it."

    The buyer won the auction? If not, I would block the person and report to eBay.
  6. Has the auction closed? Did you have a "But it Now" option?? If not, the buyer may be wanting you to add it...I have done this on request when nobody had bid on the item yet...but then everything went through the regular process of ebay...they BIN, I send invoice, they pay in paypal, I ship item out...
  7. Is this a new buyer that doesn't know how things work? It sounds strange to me, I wouldn't give them any personal info or sell to them. Too risky.
  8. This is a scam. I'm guessing what you are selling is expensive. I've had it happen to me twice the "buyers" didn't bid or even win the item.

    "ebay does not allow members to use eBay to contact each other to make offers to buy or sell items outside of eBay. Also, members can't use information obtained from eBay to contact each other about buying or selling outside of eBay"

    Your buyer is saying they plan on sending the info to ebay...ebay already has your info. DO NOT send your information
  9. Absolutely not!! Has scam written all over it. IF they win, send an's all the info buyers need to know.

    Block this person and report this person.
  10. ^ita!
  11. I agree sounds similar to a phishing scam!
  12. Totally a phishing scam, and with the potential to hijack your ebay account or do identity theft!! Or they will send you a fake money order or check, for more than you were asking, and want you to "wire" the rest to thier "shipper". Did they bid/win the item? I would send invoice if they did, send them an email that you only take paypal and require immediate payment, and when you don't get a response from them, I would cancel the transaction through ebay with "unable to contact buyer". Usually when this happens, the buyer is "no longer a registered user" within a day or two, as they send many of these to many sellers, hoping one or more of them will bite.
  13. Agree this is a scam - do not reply or give them any info!
  14. I agree it doesn't sound right but are you sure the buyer isn't trying to pay with MoneyGram/Western Union or something like that? Perhaps you should clarify with him how he intends to pay and let him you only accept Paypal (if thats the case).
  15. Sorry I wasn't clear with the story. The item is still currently on sale for bidding on ebay and then this particular buyer/person contacted me about buying the bag.

    thanks for all advice and confirming my suspicions, I will not sell this bag to this person.