Item SNAD - don't want money back, just a partial do I get one?

  1. Basically the title says it all - I received a bag that had a few things wrong with it such as a stain on the inside pocket, ink mark on the back of the bag. Neither of these was mentioned in the auction description. I like the bag enough to keep it, but not enough to pay what I paid for it. Is there a way to get a partial refund through Paypal? I have a feeling seller will not be willing to give without some sort of claim involved, as she was kind of short with me when I asked about shipping a few days after I paid. TIA!
  2. You can file a claim with paypal, once you escalate to a claim (if the seller won't work with you) paypal will ask wether you want a full or partial refund, and the amount you would be willing to take.
  3. Yeah, I started dispute and seller said I can send bag back for a full refund, but I want to keep the bag...I guess I'll escalate to claim and see what happens. Thanks!
  4. Of course the seller was wrong to have described the item incompletely in the first place, but I don't think two wrongs make a right.
    I doubt that escalating your dispute to a claim is going to get you satisfaction. Either you want the bag, or you don't. A LOT of sellers will not agree to a partial refund--it's basically haggling after the fact--and PayPal can't and won't force a seller to issue one. It's all or nothing.
  5. I agree with CynthiaNYC. Good luck with it!
  6. have you contacted the seller?
  7. If she wants to refund in full then that is what they will do(once the bag is returned), paypal will do a partial refund, but ONLY if the seller agrees to it.
  8. I guess I was just really disappointed that the seller did not tell me that there was a stain on the bag and an ink mark on the back of it. If I had known I wouldn't have put in such a high bid.

    I think I'm just going to cancel it because it's not worth it...I'm not trying to haggle, I just wanted some compensation for the fact that I'm going to have to get the bag cleaned to get rid of this stain.

    When you describe the bag "new without tags"...I don't expect that it has obviously been carried around. Stains don't come in bags that are new.

    I though the seller would be more understanding because she obviously knew about this stuff before she sold the bag but didn't put it in her listing...and I don't want her to scam someone else by relisting the bag without this information in there.

    Thanks for the info, and I'll just have to be more careful next time I buy on eBay and ask tons of questions before. I shouldn't have to, but I guess that's eBay for ya!
  9. Well honestly it should have been disclosed, and you aren't wrong for trying to get a discount....even if it is after the fact. You got a brand new bag that was damaged and not what you expected, but you like it. Some sellers are willing to give a partial refund, it ws worth a shot. Personally I would return it for a full refund...but that is just me. Good luck, and I hope you can get it clean.

  10. I don't think you're trying to haggle after the fact, at all. :nogood:

    I think what Cynthia means, is that some unscrupulous buyers may try to do that with genuinely new bags, in perfect condition, to try to get them at a discount; so sellers have to have the right to refuse a partial refund.

    You are definitely entitled to a full refund, though, as the bag is SNAD, but it is up to the seller if she is prepared to give you a partial refund, or not. :yes:

    She may prefer to have the bag back, so she can try to ensnare another unsuspecting buyer... :s

    For that reason (as well as the fact that she deserves it!), if you return the bag, you should really leave a neg, to warn prospective buyers.
  11. WHOA she described it as New Without Tags?? Grrr. I definitely agree then that you are entitled to a full refund. I really can't help much with a partial refund, as I don't offer them as a seller. Then again, I don't lie to potential buyers about condition either!!

    I don't mean to imply that your asking for a partial is wrong or unjustified, by the way, it's just not something I personally have experience with. Chloehandbags is correct when she interpreted my earlier statement and I apologize that it was unclear. Good luck with this!

    And last thing: I definitely agree with leaving *accurate* feedback on this transaction.
  12. Yeah I'm going to keep the bag and leave her feedback regarding the inaccuracy of her description. I closed the claim because I really don't wan to send the bag back as it is extremely hard to many days do you have to leave feedback? She hasn't left me any so I think I'm going to leave it at the very last possible moment...
  13. Ebay doesn't like people doing that, so it's kind of random. They say, i believe, 60 or 90 days, but it stays open for longer.
  14. It is supposed to be 90 days but if you leave FB at the last minute they will leave it other words, it is not possible.
  15. Shoot.

    Well I will probably still leave feedback - I'm kind of tired of junky sellers getting away with things like this.