item shipped royal mail signed for to us

  1. hi i bought a spy on eBay . seller shipped 6-4-07 through royal mail signed for delivery. no bag yet to date. when i try the tracking number it just says its been given to the us postyal service. how would i contact the us postal service to see where my bag is? the seller just keeps saying be patient. i opened a dispute with paypal and don't want to do a claim when the seller has given me info but i am afriad i'll get stuck. any ideas of what i should do or who to contact?
  2. so you are in the States and the seller is in England/Europe??

    I would give it a few more days the bag may be stuck in customs or something :shrugs:
  3. Have you tried the parcel force website - when I have things from the US this is the website it shows on!

    Also have you tried the USPS website- if it is still in the US it will show there and will also say when it has left the US

    Good luck:smile:
  4. It really takes about 10 business days or so via Royal Mail to US. There is always the chance it will be held in customs as well, so as long as you can prove that the seller actually shipped the bag, I think you just have to let the process unfold.
  5. While your anxiety regarding the purchase is perfectly understandable, I feel you filed dispute too quickly. eBay notes on each listing that seller isn't responsible for time in transit. Seller fulfilled his/her obligation when the item shipped and you were provided its tracking number. Postal service won't update information until merchandise clears customs. Seller was right: a little patience goes a long way. I hope your Spy arrives soon and the entire matter put to rest.
  6. How's the seller's feedback? I wouldn't worry yet, I've had items stuck in customs for 3 week stretches.
  7. Hope it works out. Sometimes tracking is not all the way. For example Us to France or france to us tracking only works until the item leaves the country of origin. I learned this the hard way!

    Now overseas shipping can take a while even priority etc...I wited 2 weeks for parcels even coming from a major city like NY.
  8. I also don't want to sound negative but also think you opened the dispute far too soon.

    I sent something to US on 15th May (from germany), and it arrived in US on 19th May. It just now reached the seller on 9th June. so to be honest, it isn't really the seller's fault that USPS is rather slow. you can go to and enter your tracking number but it will really only show up when they attempted to deliver or did deliver. I am pretty sure there are express delivery options but you would have paid for it.

    oh, and of course, it being a package it could easily be stuck in customs. hope you will get your bag soon.
  9. International Signed For packages cannot be tracked outside of the UK. It can only confirm it has reached the country of destination and then nothing... until its signed for. Sounds like something has happened... maybe its stuck at customs? I imagine that the seller will have declared the value in order to have it insured... so its must be stuck at customs. This can take MONTHS, im so sorry to tell you... You wont know a thing until you get a letter from customs or they turn up on your doorstep asking for $$. If she DIDN'T get it insured... and its just gone missing... i pitty the seller because International Signed For only insures up to £34 unless you declare the value as more than that (maximum of £500) but then its gonna be stuck at customs???

    Really hope it turns up soon without huge charges! :smile:
  10. still no bag. i filed the dispute so quickly beciase i paid back on may 18th and sent three emails with no response. as soon as i opened the dispute then i get a tracking number and oh sorry forgot to ship your bag. she has perfect feedback but i still am so nervous. i have until june 21 to put it to claim level so hopefully the bag will turn up. what will paypal do if i do the claim and she has a tracking number but no proof that it was ever delivered and signed for?

  11. she will have to provide the signature, which can be obtained through royal mail. Did you pay with a credit card through paypal? I would recommend letting your c/c company know the score to date.. so that you can claim with them if paypal are as useless as they normally are. :push:
  12. finally recieved bag and its perfect.
  13. ^ congrats! so i guess it was stuck in customs, yeah? like I said, USPS can be a bit slow when delivering so glad everything went ok!